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Right Clipping is a leading photo editing company offering an array of image editing services across the world. Our mission is to help professional photographers, as well as e-commerce business owners, reach the pinnacle of success with poignantly edited photos. Being one of the best professional photo editing services for photographers, we are committed to implementing our mission indeed.


Right Clipping is one of the leading photo editing services company all over the world. Typically, we provide our clients with a bunch of top-notch photo editing services including Clipping Path, Retouching, Image Masking, Shadow Creation, Color Correction, E-commerce Photo Editing, Raster to Vector, etc.

We take pride in our manpower to provide all these services with innovative techniques. In fact, we have a creative team of 40 industry-leading photo editors who are determined to provide our clients with the highest possible quality of services.

The clock in different shifts to make sure our clients don’t sense the gap of communication. When it comes to pricing, we are highly reasonable.You will get all of our professional photo editing services at affordable prices. Though our services are cost-effective, we never compromise with our quality.

In fact, we have a strong philosophy to meet the demands of our clients strictly. And we are determined to make our clients highly satisfied as we want them to come back to us in the future. Let try our free trial services to check our qualified services.


Before placing an order, you must know how Right Clipping works. It will help you understand the process we follow while working with a client. For your kind information, you will have to follow 5 different steps to get your photos edited by us. The steps are as follows:

Request a quote

The first thing you have to do to get our service is to request a quote. While requesting a quote, try to explain your requirements in details.

Customize Your Quote:

After requesting a quote, you will receive our confirmation message within a very short time. You will get to know the turnaround time, price, and other necessary information from that message. Afterward, customize the quote if it is necessary.

Upload Your Images

It is time to upload your images. You can do the task through your web browser without facing any issue. You can upload your photos in all kinds of formats though we prefer JPG format.

Stay Relaxed:

In this step, you have nothing to do but relax. While we are working with your project, you can stay relaxed at your home without any worry.

Download Your Edited Photos:

Well, it is the last step to follow when working with us. Your edited photos are now available on our server. Download and have a look at them. Never feel hesitated to knock us if you think your photos need to undergo further revisions.

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Clipping Path Service

Our Clipping Path Service, which is designed for professional photographers and e-commerce business owners, is one of the innovative services out there. We provide the best photo editing services for photographers. In fact, we have come out with success to make our Clipping Path Service stands out from the competition of the industry.

The service basically includes removal of a clumsy background from a target object. It is also used for swift corrections of different issues prevailing in a particular photo.

Having a long track of experience, they cannot but come out with high-quality services in the arena. 

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Retouching Service

Photo Retouching is a kind of service that is used for removing different unwanted things from a target photo. If you are an avid photographer or an e-commerce businessman, you know how irritating it is to have unwanted things in a photo.To prove professionalism, a photo must come with a professional look.

This is where you need to get in touch with a professional retouching service. And we stand out as a unique provider in the field of Retouching service. For your kind information, our experts are highly skilled.

So, there is no chance to get dissatisfied with us when you place an order for Retouching Service. We value our customers all time.

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Shadow Creation

Our Shadow Creation Service is designed especially for e-commerce business owners. You know that adding shadow to product images is crucial when you plan to display them for your customers. When you take the service, you will get the chance to display eye-catching product images.

In fact, without the help of shadow creation, your images will look raw, naked, and unprofessional. As we are an experienced company in the field of Shadow Creation, you can rely on us for the hassle of creating shadows to your images. We ensure you that you will experience an increased conversion of your products

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Image Masking

Image Masking is a process to hide or reveal certain portions of an image with a view to making your photos eye-catching. The task of Image Masking is done with the help of Clipping Path and other Photoshop techniques. The service is, however, essential for any kind of photos out there.

It does not matter if you are a photographer, a businessman, or an individual. Your photos may need the service of Image Masking. And we are here to help you out in this regard. Having an innovative team of Photoshop experts, we are determined to provide our clients with top-notch Image Masking Service.

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Color Correction

Color Correction is significant for any kind of photo out there. Its a technique used for changing colors of different photos. Though its important for every photo irrespective of industries, e-commerce product images require it the most.

If you work in the field of e-commerce, you might know that there are some product images requiring color correction. The fact is that your products don’t always come in multiple colors. In this case, the only solution for you is to take the color correction service.

Even if you are a professional photographer, you may be in need of the service for some of your photos. Whatever your industry is, we can be your best choice for the service of Color Correction. It is because we have a bunch of highly skilled photo editors with vast experience.

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Ecommerce Photo Editing

In the arena of e-commerce, photos are one of the most vital things now. Whenever you launch a product, you come up with a few photos. Unfortunately, those photos are not professional enough to be displayed, right?

But you need the most professional photos to display for your customers. The reason is that professional photos increase trust for your products among your customers. Professionalism in photos is also important to attract customers at the very first sight.

This is why you must edit all of your photos before displaying. In this case, we will help you prove your professionalism by editing your photos. In fact, we are a reliable e-commerce photo editing company having a long track of experience. 

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Ghost Mannequin Service

Ghost Mannequin is a service that is widely used by different apparel brands across the world. It is actually an editing technique to remove the mannequin from a cloth or jewelry.

If you run an online apparel or jewelry store, you might know that it is better to display a product without the mannequin. In fact, a product image with the mannequin does not look attractive. On the other hand, an image without the mannequin looks attractive as well as professional.

For this reason, you must get in touch with the Ghost Mannequin service before displaying your product images. And in this field, Right Clipping is a unique company having an excellent team of professional photo editors. So, whenever you need this kind of service, get in touch with us.
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Raster to Vector Service:

Raster to Vector, which is also known as R2V, is a common image editing technique in the industry. Generally, images made up of pixels, dots, and colors are called Raster images.

They are poor in terms of resolution. On her hand Vector images, which are high in resolution, are made up of shapes, lines, and curves. You can now realize that an image is converted from Raster to Vector in order to enhance resolution.

As an experienced photo editing company, we offer this service to our valuable clients. If you take the service from us, you will get high-quality Vector images at a reasonable price. Hence, you are recommended to give us a try to convert your Raster images into Vector images.
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Why Need Professional Image Editing Service?

An image is one of the most important things in our life. From personal life to the business world, we cannot do without the touch of images. But the bitter truth is that our raw photos do not look attractive. As a result, we have to get them edited to make them look at how we expect.

In this stage, you can get your photos edited either on your own or by professional editors. The most prudent decision, however, is to get in touch with professional editors. It is because they are highly skilled as well as experienced in this field. Besides, they know the art of poignant image editing.

Fast and Easy Work

When you get in touch with Right Clipping, you will enjoy the facility of fast and easy work. And It will put a great impact on your business growth.

Professional Editing

Though you may know how to edit images, your skills will never match with professionals. Hence, if you want a professional look on your images, you cannot but take services from professionals

Attention on Business Growth

If you take image editing services from Clipping Path Company, you will be able to save significant time. This will enable you to pay attention to your business growth.

Increased Efficiency

To handle the tasks of image editing is a time-consuming job. It decreases your efficiency to work smartly and professionally. In such a case, if you take professional image editing service, you will be able to increase your efficiency.

Saving Some Bucks:

Getting images edited by an in-house editor will cost you a big amount of money. On the other hand, if you get in touch with professional image editing service providers, you will get the chance to save some bucks.

Outstanding Client Satisfaction:

Professional image editing service enables you to provide your clients with excellently edited photos in a short time. As a result, you can achieve outstanding client satisfaction, which brings great success in your business.

Our Specialities

We are proud to be specialized in easy communication, top-notch quality of service, quick turnaround, and affordable price. For all these innovative specialties, we stand out from the competition and ensure our clients the highest satisfaction.

Most Competitive Price

We offer the most competitive price out there. Consequently, you can save some bucks that you can invest in extending your business later.

100% Secured File Transfer

We have one of the most secure servers, and so you can transfer your files avoiding potential security threats.

Bulk Order Processing

We proudly offer the service of bulk order processing. Hence, you can rely on us if you have a bulk order.

Easy Payment System

Our payment system is easier than most other photo editing service providers. Typically, we accept payment through PayPal, Payoneer, MasterCard, and Bank.

On Time Delivery

On-time delivery is expected by all of our clients, and so we emphasize on quick turnaround. Actually, we never break our promise when it comes to delivery.

High Volume Discount

From time to time, we offer high volume discounts. So, check it out whether there is a discount available for you.

What Our Clients Say

We are proud to say that we have developed good relationships with our valuable clients. This is why they come to us over and over again whenever they are in need of photo editing services. Let’s see what our clients say about us:

Right Clipping offers exceptional photo editing service at a reasonable price. From placing an order to getting my project done, I have experienced outstanding service from the company. Highly recommended!
Neil Hammer

Photographar, Art Chick Photography

I can’t express it with words how much satisfied I am with my photos. All of my photos were excellently edited. I didn’t find any issue to complain about their service.
Jeff Karge<br />

Head of Marketing, The Nuance Group

Truly speaking, I am a big fan of Right Clipping. Whenever I need to get my photos edited, I knock them. In my opinion, they are the best photo editing company in the world.
Jessica Blue

Senior Photographar , DE Photo


There are a great number of image editing companies out there. So, why should you choose us? Well, you should choose us for a bunch of reasons. The following points are, however, some of the salient reasons for which we stand out from the competition:


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