Background Removal Service


Background Removal Service
Background Removal Service is one of the widest taken services in the sector of graphics designing. Its demand is huge and it is done very sincerely at Right Clipping. Background removal service is one kind of Clipping Path service where the client requires to remove background from a specific image.

It is most common in the eCommerce business. But all other sectors also need background removal service for various reasons. So, let’s become crystal clear about the background removal service and how it is done. Generally, you have an image of an object and the image contains a background. 

To make this image more attractive and beautiful to your clients or customers, you must remove the unnecessary background from the image. In every eCommerce website, you will find that all of the products are very attractive and appealing at looking. This is possible only when you take background removal service.
Right Clipping is the only choice for you because we are the best photo editing company.
We are a clipping path service provider. Our designers are well qualified and skilled to operate numbers of background removal service.

They are professional and sincere to their works. We use professional pen tools to remove background from your image. We also provide image retouching, neck joint, color correction, clipping path and other services at affordable prices. Previously we have worked with so many eCommerce and fashion designing houses. You can always check out our works and image quality by taking our Free Trial and Free Quote service. It’s free and easy to get.

Background Removal Service Categories

Basic Shaped Objects

Basic Shaped Objects

Generally, these types of objects don’t have a hole. The object can be a triangular, rectangular, circle or any type of curve but is must have less than 6 anchor points. This types of objects just need a single path. Example: Mouse, Mobile Phone, Ball, Book, Egg etc.

Simple Shaped Objects

Simple Shaped Objects

This types of objects have fewer curves and anchor points. They may have few holes and many of the paths require a single path. There are so many objects which require this type of service. Example: Ring, Headphone, T-shirt, Shoes, Watch etc.

Medium Shaped Objects

Medium Shaped Objects

This type of objects contains so many anchor points and multiple paths require medium-level clipping path editing. It contains so many holes or embedded transparencies. Example: Group Watches, Group Rings, Group Shoes, Group Foods, Motor Parts etc.

Complex Shaped Objects

Complex Shaped Objects

Complex objects are made transparent in this type of image background removal service. It contains so many holes and complex designs. Complex Clipping Path is applied for this service. Example: Bicycle, Chain, Jewelry, Group People, Bracelets etc.

Super Complex Shaped Objects

Super Complex Shaped Objects

This types of images contains a huge number of embedded transparencies. The image requires super complex editing. It contains so many horizontal or vertical curved designs, closed paths and anchor points. Example: Group People, Fences, Decorative Chain, Fabric etc.

Background Removing with Masking

Background Removing with Masking

This service is required for very delicate edges in an image in low pixel level. This service is done under Pen Tablet with Photoshop for a perfect result. Example: Model Hair, Furry Doll, Flesh, Blankets, Clothes etc.

Ghost Mannequin Effect

For eCommerce services and garments, we provide the ghost mannequin service. Here we create an invisible mannequin or neck joint. It is 3D and 360 degree rich media display compatible. Ghost mannequin service is essential for fashion designing firms also.

Unwanted Object Removal Service

Unwanted Object Removal Service

Your perfectly taken photo can become imperfect only because of any unnecessary object captured in the photo. Our designers can use their skills of Photoshop for removing that unwanted object from your picture and also edit it. This will beautify your image intensively.

Benefits of Background Removal Service

The benefits of background removal service cannot be explained in words. It has numerous purposes and benefits. Background remove image service is one of the most popular clipping path services. It is the process of removing the background from an image. But why would you remove the background from an image? What is the purpose and how can I become beneficial from this service? Well, if these questions are in your mind then let’s have a look at how you can be beneficial from this service.

Making the Photo Accurate

Most of the times, when the photo is taken, it might miss some vital parts from it. When you have a background with any object the main focus might get distracted from the object naturally. If there is an improper background, the object might look pale. That’s why this background removal service is required.

Beautify the Photo & Making Attractive

Removing the unwanted background photo from an object magnifies the beauty of the object immensely. It makes the photo attractive and gets the attention of the customers or clients. That’s why this background removal service is used in every eCommerce, garments, jewelry, fashion design farms.

Helps to Convince Clients

With the perfect Background Removal Service by Right Clipping, you will be able to convince your clients very easily. It is possible because after the service the photo turns into perfection. Which helps immensely to convince your clients with the product. For the eCommerce website owners, this background removal service will make your product more appealing to your customers.

Professionals Requiring Background Removal Service

Image Background Removal service is required in so many professional fields. This service is the most important part of any commercial organizations. Let’s have a look at which professionals requires our Background Removal service.

Ecommerce Sites

Background Removal service is widely used in almost every eCommerce sites. Every eCommerce site needs to introduce a product to the customer in a very impassive way. The first and foremost rules of convincing a customer are making him fall in love with the product. Here comes the Background Removal service which removes the unwanted background from the product. It makes the product more appealing to the customers. Thus, the customers become convinced to buy the product.


Every garments company needs to sell the produced clothes to clients and customers. They require the ghost mannequin or neck joint service which vanishes the mannequin from the image. It creates a hollow inside the cloth. It can be washed 3D and 360-degree rotation view. This image background removal service is required to convince your clients as well as customers.

Fashion Industry

A fashion industry is full of numerous famous models. Fashion industries try to promote their products such as clothes, bags and some other products by their models. In this case, they need to make both the model and the products be appealing at the same time. This is where background removal service is required. When the photo shoot is over, now it is time for editing the image and remove the unwanted backgrounds or objects from it. Our so many fashion industry clients require this specific service.


Lots of magazines are now used for advertisements. The perfect look of your product is the main key to get attention from the views. Without background removal service, it is impossible. Every picture has some flaws and background removal service of Right Clipping just fixes the flaws for you.
Also, background removal service is used in jewelry, sports, advertisements, different NGO’s and so on.

What Client Say About Us

I was worried about my eCommerce site. I badly needed to remove background from all of my products. It was a really tough call for me to choose the right company. Then my friend told me about Right Clipping. They are awesome I guess. They submitted my whole project within 3 days where all of the background image were gone. I would highly recommend them to all.

Giusy Marino

I own a garments factory. I need to show samples to my clients almost every day. Right Clipping has become my official designing partner in this purpose. They serve me with their excellent work of Ghost Mannequin service and image editing service. I’m happy and satisfied with their works. Go ahead, brothers.

Kanisha Boer

I’m a professional photographer. I take photos for different clients such as eCommerce site owners, garments owners, weddings, etc. They demand quick photo editing with perfectly background removal service. But this is such a pain when you are working alone. So, here I got Right Clipping. They are life saviors. I and My clients both are satisfied with their works.



I like their service. I took Background Removal Service for my project a few days back. They reached my expectations. Their fast service and quality work amazed me. Especially their Free quote and Free Trial service is amazing. You can justify their work by taking these 2 services. It’s free.

Louis S. Broome

This is the best Background Removal service I ever had. I was having lots of troubles in choosing the right service provider for my regular works. I needed to shift from this site to that site. After 5 months of suffering, I think I have found the right service provider now. Their packages are pretty much affordable and image editing quality is fabulous. I would say it is a real value for money deal.



1. What is Background Removal Service?

Background removal service is one type of photo editing service where the backgrounds from an image are erased by the professional graphic designers. It is done by Adobe Pen Tools.

2. Why should I take Background Removal Service from Right Clipping?

We are providing world-class service to our clients from so many years. Our designers are skilled and experienced. We consider ourselves best at providing quality image editing services. So, you can trust us.

3.I want to check your service quality before the deal. How can I do this? Is there any option for this?

Yeah, Sure. You can check our service quality at any time. We have two features added for your judgment option. They are- Free Trial & Free Quote services. You can take the Free Trial service for judging our service quality. Taking these services are very easy and also they are free to have.

4. I’m having troubles with selecting the right category and price. How you can help me?

It is very normal when our clients have no idea about the editing categories because they haven’t taken any services yet. To get the idea about the category and pricing, you need to take our Free Quote service. Our support center will reply to you immediately regarding the category and prices.

5. How to send images to take Background Removal Service?

Well, it is very easy. You have to select the category according to your image. Then you have to fill some information for us. After that just upload all of your images as a zip file. When you are complete uploading, just send it to us.

6. How much time does it take?

You don’t need to worry about time. Our designers work every day and we submit projects regularly. According to your selected category, you will get your projects done as soon as possible. For further inquiry please contact our support team.

7. Can I resubmit photos if it needs further editing?

Yeah, of course, you can. You are welcomed anytime for any types of edition regarding the background removal service. Our customer service center is open 24/7. You can talk to them anytime. We are always at your service. Your satisfaction is our satisfaction.

8. Is it negotiable?

It can be negotiable under certain circumstances. You need to take the Free Trial and Free Quote service and then you can decide the pricing. We hope you can make a deal with us.

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