Best Poses Idea and Techniques of Beach Photoshoot

Written by Kathy Patricia

March 15, 2020

When you take a photo indoor you have full control over everything. But you don’t have the luxury when you are shooting outdoors especially on a beach. So, you have to work with the tools that you’ve got. Take full advantage of the natural lighting and beautiful scenery. While photographing on the beach do not disturb others. Do not litter. Keep the beach clean and beautiful. Now let’s talk about beach photoshoot.

Different Poses of Beach Photoshoot:


When we talk about ‘’relaxation’’ most people think about reading a book on a beach with a cocktail on one hand. That is why cocktails are a popular prop for beach photography. You can incorporate a cocktail in beach pics in many ways. You can hold a cocktail and take photos of the cocktail while keeping the beach in the background. Whatever you do keep the natural beauty of the beach in the frame. Make the best use of the natural sunlight and you will have a beautiful beach photo.



2.Evening on the Beach

A beach looks beautiful all times of the day. But there is something beautiful about it during the evening. When the sun is setting it spreads a warm glow of light all over. Everything looks beautiful in this soft glow of light. So, take advantage of this beautiful setting and take a lot of photos. Evening time is best for couple pictures. In this romantic setting, do a lot of couple poses and take a lot of photos. Evening time is also perfect for group photos.


Taking photos of footprints on the sand is very common. But it is a very cute and memorable pose. You can use some creative ideas to make footprints on the beach more unique. You can take a family photo using this pose. Parents holding their child’s hand and walking down the beach. All three of their footprint on the sand. This will be a memorable picture of the beach. You can also take couples photos using this pose. As far as couples poses go this one is romantic. If you use your creativity you can do anything.



4.Get Dirty

A lot of parents are worried about their kids getting dirty but if there is one place where it is okay to get dirty it is the beach. When you are taking photos on a beach have fun and get dirty. The more natural your photos will be the more beautiful they will be. Sit on the sand, roll around on the beach, eat ice-cream. Don’t be afraid to get dirty. Getting dirty means you had a lot of fun and that is the main purpose of beach photography. To take natural, beautiful, and happy photos of you.


When you are taking photos on a beach use your hair as a prop. You can make your hair the focal point of the photo or a part of it. To do this take a photo of your hair when the wind blows your hair away. It will create a nice contrast. Or hide your face partially with your hair. It will be a unique pose. You can create many creative and beautiful poses using your hair.



6.Have a Walk

A lot of people find walking on the beach very relaxing. You can walk on the beach and take photos. It will be a casual type of photo. Walk alongside the water you although you can also walk in the water if you want. It will create a nice effect. Instead of posing tell the photographer to take candid photos. This type of pose is great for group photoshoot or family photos. Remember to keep the beach in the frame.



7.Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is a popular destination. It is famous for a lot of things. Mainly, its beautiful beaches and partying and there is a lot of scope for beach photography here. You might have some trouble to find a secluded area to Photoshoot as there are too many people. But once you start photographing don’t forget to include the beautiful beaches of Ibiza in your frame. Ibiza is famous for its nightlife. So, take photos in the night as well as in the day. If you ever go to Ibiza you should take a lot of photos so that you can remember the trip.

8.Make Use of the Sunset

We have talked about the beauty of taking photos in the evening and it is all because of the sunset. If you use the sun as your only source of lighting especially when it is setting you get different kinds of photos. If you are taking photos on the beach make sure to use the sunset either on the background or as the source of light.



9.Play Games

It is very common to play games on the beach. If you want you can take pictures while you are playing games. This is a great way to take group photos. Play games on the beach with your friends and tell the photographer to take photos. This way the photos will be natural and unique. But there is also a disadvantage to this technique. When you are playing games you are also moving. It is difficult to photoshoot moving objects. So, keep this in mind.



10.Play with Water Spray


The most fun thing about the beach is playing in the water. Everyone loves playing in the water especially kids. So, if you want to take a family photo playing with water spray is a great option. Also, water spray can create a contrast in your photo. If your children are young do not leave them in the water unsupervised. Other than that playing with water will bring out the child in you and the photo will be innocent and beautiful.



11.Run after Birds

Normally, there are a lot of birds on the beach. If you are looking for unique poses you can try running after birds. It will create a beautiful effect especially when the birds are flying away. But be careful so that you don’t hurt the birds. Sometimes the birds can attack you. So, take precautions before using this technique. When you are running after birds run slowly so that the photographer can take a clear photo of you. Take multiple photos so that you can choose the best one.



12.Sand Drawing

Most people when they go to the beach draw something on the sand. Either they write their name or they write or draw something meaningful. You can use this technique to take photos on the beach. This concept is great for couple’s photoshoot. Even though this technique is quite common you can make this unique by using your creativity. For example, you can draw or write something on the sand and take a picture of it while the wave is washing it away. If you can take the photo at the right time it will be a great shot.



13.Sandy Castle

Making sandy castles are a must when you go to the beach. Making a sand castle on the beach is both relaxing and fun. If you take photos with the sandy castle it will be the icing on the cake. Kids love making sandy castles. If you have kids it will be a great activity to do with them. The people on the beach are moving and doing their things but you and your family are sitting down and making a sandy castle. It will be a great shot.


14.Shot Next to the Palm Tree

Generally a lot of palm trees grows near the beach. Palm trees are very beautiful and they create a nice contrast to the sandy beach. Pose next to the palm tree and tell your photographer to take wide shots so that the beach can be on the background. This is one of the most beautiful poses. Take multiple photos from multiple angles. Then choose the best one.


15.Underwater Photos

You cannot take underwater photos on all the beaches in the world. In some places it is illegal and in some places it is too dangerous. In some places, the water is so polluted that you cannot see anything. So, if you have the chance to take underwater photos take full advantage of it. Firstly, you will need a waterproof camera. If you want to take photos deep underwater you are going to need snorkeling gear. If you cannot swim it is not safe for you to take underwater photos. If you can swim then the risk of accident decreases. There is a colorful and mesmerizing world underwater. If you are lucky you will be able to witness and photograph it.

You can discover more poses tips from our blog.



If you want to know about the poses and techniques of beach Photoshoot then this article is for you. I hope you have gotten some superb idea about beach photoshoot. Now it is your time to apply them for you, your friends and family. 

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