Best Photographers in America

Written by Kathy Patricia

April 9, 2020

People like to document important days of their life. Photography is the best way to do it. Many people hire photographers to take photos of weddings, graduation, or any other ceremony. But not all photographers are the same. But how will you decide which photographer is the best? In this article, we have gathered information about some of the best photographers out there.

Best Photographers of the USA

1. Zave Smith Photography:

Zave Smith does magnificent photography. His work was featured in many prestigious events. Zave Smith brings out the beauty of a subject and makes the photograph mesmerizing. He has never let a client down. If you hire him you will be very pleased with the result. Some of his information is given below.

Name of the Company: Zave Smith Photography

Owner’s Name: Zave Smith

Types of Photography/Service Type: Still and Motion

Region: Philadelphia based but available everywhere

Achievement: He was featured in Communications Arts, View Camera, Shutterbug, Range Finder, Workbook, Alt Pick.

Other Information: Many national and international companies have hired Zave Smith for projects.


Zave Smith Photography is a top photography company led by a brilliant mind. This company has created some amazing works over the years.

2.David Hood Photography:

David Hood not only does various types of photography but he also teaches photography. David Hood is a self-taught photographer. Perhaps that is why he has a unique style of photographic sense. If you want to learn about the basics of photography he will be more than happy to teach you. He works hard as a teacher and gives his students individual attention.

Name of the Company: David Hood Photography

Owner’s name: David Hood

Types of Photography/Service Type: Event Photography, Maternity Photoshoot, Portraits, Headshots, Youth and College Sports, Anniversaries, Wedding and Engagement Photoshoot, Quinceaneras, Corporate Events, Baptisms, Birthday Parties.

Region: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Other Information:
David Hood also has a blog. If you are interested in learning photography you can check it out.


This company is the passion project of David Hood. He decided to pursue photography after retirement and he has gotten so good that he is teaching others. If you are looking for a knowledgeable and skilled photographer in the Albuquerque area who can also teach you photography, contact David Hood. He is an excellent photographer.

3.Amber Gregg Photography:

Amber Gregg mainly does amazing photography. She has her own style that is apparent in her photography. She mainly specializes in children’s photography but she also does maternity and family portraits. She handles children with great care. Her company will provide you with backdrops, newborn costumes, and props. You just have to bring the baby. Her maternity photographs are also unique. She was a counselor and a school psychologist. That is why children feel safe with her.

Name of Company: Amber Gregg Photography

Owner’s Name: Amber Gregg

Types of Photography/Service Type: Newborn, Maternity, Children, and Senior Portrait.

Region: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Achievement: Awarded Best Portrait Photographers in Tulsa by Expertise in 2016

Other Information: Amber Gregg was a school psychologist and counselor. She works with children of all ages even special needs children. When it comes to newborn photos Amber Gregg is unmatched. You can trust Amber Gregg with your children. She will capture your special memories.

Amber Gregg Photography can provide clients with different props, newborn clothing, and backdrops. You don’t need to worry about everything. Your child will be safely posed and photographed. No photographs will be published without your consent.

4.RyArt Photography:

Ryan Pettaway of RyArt is a creative photographer. All of his works are exceptional. If you want your photograph to be mesmerizing and eye-catching you need to contact Ryan. He is a great professional photographer but it is his collection of prints that will truly catch your eye. These prints are great for decorating your walls.

Name of Company: RyArt

Owner’s Name: Ryan Pettaway

Types of Photography/Service Type: Fitness photographs, street photography, and product photography. 

Region: Boston, Massachusetts

Other Information: RyArt shoots videos with drones. If you want videography for any special event it can be arranged.

You can hire RyArt for personal photography. But if you just want some art to hang on your wall you’ll be happy to know that RyArt also sells prints. You can have the prints framed beautifully if you want. They have a great collection to choose from. The best thing about RyArt is their uniqueness. From their photography skill to their selection of prints, everything is top quality.

5.Treats Photography:

Virginia Treat is a self-taught photographer but you couldn’t guess that while seeing one of her photos. They are full of life, they are unique, and they are a work of art. All of her works are eye-catching and mesmerizing. She is also a nature conservationist and animal lover. She is a talented photographer as well as an amazing human. She does a lot of non-profit work. Her portfolio is amazing.

Name of Company: Treats Photography

Owner’s Name: Virginia Treat

Types of Photography/Service Type: Couples/Engagement photos, wedding photography, senior, portraits, nature/animal photos.

Region: Boise, Idaho

Achievements: 2017-Sustainability Gallery-Discovery Center of Idaho

2017-Best of Show, Color-Western Idaho Fair

2017-2nd Place Portrait-Western Idaho Fair

2017-Raw Natural Born Artist Gallery Showcase

2016-1st Place Ed Fuji Excellence Award-Western Idaho Fair

2016-Top 20 ‘’My Idaho’’-Boise Studio Photography Gallery

Other Information: In 2016, Virginia Treat put together a team for a philanthropic initiative called “Nature Conservation Initiative”. In 2017, she published a book called “The Beauty of Idaho-Nature meets Fashion.”


Treats Photography is a unique and creative company. The best quality about Virginia Treat is that she cares about you and the quality of work. If you work with them you will always get the best result.

6.Robin Hill Photography:

Robin Hill mainly photographs architecture, design, and fine arts. He is a renowned photographer who has worked with prestigious architects, magazines, and many companies. His portfolio is stunning. He has taken some magnificent photographs. He has achieved a lot.

Name of Company: Robin Hill Photography

Owner’s Name: Robin Hill

Types of Photography/Service Type: Landscape Architecture, Public Space Photography, portraits

Region: Miami and New York

Achievements: Robin Hill worked with prestigious magazines such as- Architect Magazine, Architectural Digest, Vanity Fair, W Magazine, Vogue, Robb Report, Elle Décor, Modern, Luxe, TROPIC, Harper’s Bazar, National Geographic Traveler, SKY, Inside Out, Ocean Drive, Gulfshore Life, GQ(Japan), Azure, and many more.


Robin Hill Also has many book credits. Some of them are-Herzog and de Meuron published by Simonett+ Baer, ARQUITECTONICA by Alastair Gordon, Theater of Shopping-Bal Harbour by Alaister Gordon, The Glass House by Philip Johnson, The Tropical Modern Home by Raul Barreneche published by Rizzoli.

Some of Robin Hill’s Selected Exhibitions are given below:

  • 2019 Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) Lincoln Kirstein Modern curated by Jodi Hauptman and Samantha Friedman.
  • 2018 The Gallery Club-Miami- Curated by Gili Crouwel and Robi Reisinger: Side by Side: The Glass Houses of Philip Johnson+ Mies van de Rohe
  • 2017 Casa de Vidro-Sao Paulo-curated by Hilary Lewis-The Glass House
  • 2015 Four Seasons at the Seagram Building-curated by Hilary Lewis-Side by Side: The Glass Houses of Philip Johnson+Mies van der Rohe
  • 2014 Coral Gables Museum-curated by Beth Dunlop-Towards the new millennium
  • 2013 Coral Gables Museum-curated by Hilary Lewis-The Glass House

Finding a good photographer can be difficult. There are many photographers out there and not all of them are good. In this article, we have talked about the best photographers in the USA. Hope you found that helpful.

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