Best Photographers in Brazil

Written by Kathy Patricia

June 6, 2020

Love, joy, celebration, entertainment, achievement and even sorrow can be captured nowadays, one can go through photographs of past and be showered with emotions related to those. A photograph is like a captured time and a very personal version of that. Such purposes have fuelled the fashion taking photographs to its zenith. Any occasion, be it formal or informal, is incomplete without photographs, thus instigates the rising demand of photographers. However, photographing is an art, and as a real profession, everyone has their own genre and style so while hiring a photographer you have to look for one that excels in that certain section.

Brazil is a gorgeous country on its own and has a lot of potential for creativity. An experienced photographer can bring that out in a snap. So in this article, I’ll be introducing you with some of the most popular photographers of brazil along with all the information you need, so let’s get started.

Top Skilled Photographers of Contemporary Brazil:

1.Andre L. Lima Photography:


Andre L. Lima is one of the rising stars of the photographers of Brazil. He is a professional with a degree in Advertising and he is also a registered Photo Journalist. Following up on his success in this field, he was invited to bench as one of the Judges of the National Photography Champion of SENAD/MJ in two consecutive years. Now he is successfully running a photography company and has taken many renowned jobs to this date.

Name of Company: Andre L. Lima Photography

Owner’s Name: Andre L. Lima

Service Type: Covers shows, events, parties, gastronomy, and architecting. 

Region of availability: Federal District, Brazil

Official Website: 

2.Cristiano Burmester Studio: 


Cristiano F. Burmester is a veteran in the field of photography, the bag of achievement is fairly heavy on his side. He is a known expert in the area of photojournalism and loves his job. His passion for photography dates back to his teen days. He worked as a freelancing photojournalist for many Brazilian magazines, i.e. Nautica. His commercial and journalistic assignments have gained recognition from the mane sphere. He has also been successfully holding art exhibitions, along with his books which have brought him fame. Some of his best achievement is winning Nikon World Photo Award in 2002, National Geographic Brazil and Photography Masters Cup in 2012.

Name of Company:  Cristiano Burmester Studio

Owner’s name: Cristiano Burmester

Service type: Abstract photography, Nature life photography, documentaries, and Film Photography.

Region of Availability: São Paulo, Brazil.

Official Website:

Check out his awesome works on this website. 

3.Fernando Veloso Leão:

Fernando Veloso is a recognized fashion model photographer. His amazing portfolio snaps are sure to leave anyone in awe. Fashion portrait photography is his area of expertise. He has a bachelor’s degree in Advertising and has learned from the bests. During his student years, he discovered his passion for photography and has been devoting himself to it ever since. Along with his job as a photographer, he also teaches photography to novices at an innovative school named Our Photography School. 

Name of Company: Fernando Veloso Leão

Owner’s name: Fernando Veloso

Service type: Fashion model photography, Portrait photography, Advertising, Modelling Portfolio, etc.

Region of Availability: Brazil

Official Website:

If you are interested you can check the American best photographer in another post.


Brazil being a land of vibrant colors and life, photography is also affected by such style. Not to forget that every photographer has his own style and theme, so if you want to hire a photographer for any occasion make sure by researching his previous works that if you’re looking for such energy in your photos. Hope this article was of some help to you.

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