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Right Clipping is a leading Clipping Path Service provider in the industry. We have been working with different professionals since the inception of our company. No matter what your industry is, you can rely on us for image clipping service without any hesitation. It is because we are an experienced company having a robust team of 40 excellent editors.

When it comes to the expertise of our editors, we are proud to tell you that they are some of the few industry-leading experts. The fact is that they are very passionate to photo editing services, and so their skills are of top-level. They know the actual art of Clipping Path.

Hence, whenever they are assigned a project, they come out with stupendous output in a very short time.

You should know that all the image editing companies are not capable of providing professional services. As a consequence, if you place an order at a particular clipping path company without testing them, you might be in grief in the long run. To get the best photo editing service, you have to choose an experienced as well as a renowned image clipping Service provider. And this is where Right Clipping stands out from the competition.

Clipping Path Service Categories

Easy Clipping Path

Easy Clipping Path is designed to edit a single path with straight curves. The photos that do not have any holes are perfect for this service. To be specific, you can use the service for the images that are rectangular, round, and curved.

Simple Clipping Path

If you want us to edit some product images that have holes, then Simple Clipping Path would be your best choice. Cameras, shoes, watch, chairs, t-shirts, and earrings fall into this category. These kinds of images require greater efforts than the images mentioned in the first category.

Medium Clipping Path

The images that have multiple holes along with curves require Medium Clipping Path. This kind of image includes bracelets, motor parts, group shoes, group rings, group watches, group food etc. If your images are of this category, you can take the service of Medium Clipping Path from us.

Complex Clipping Path

Images having numerous holes as well as closed paths will require you to take Complex Clipping Path. These photos need to be edited poignantly so that they look professional. For your kind information, photos of furniture, furry dolls, chains, jewelry etc.

Super Complex Clipping Path

This is one of the widely used services of our company. This service is designed for those who have photos requiring extensive editing. To clarify, if you have GIF animations, web templates, fashion catalogs, and complex product images, then you will find the service as the perfect one for you. Don’t miss the free trial services.

Ultra Complex Clipping Path

It is an advanced level service designed for our valuable clients. The photos that have double holes, vertical design, horizontal design, and fence-like design are edited under this category of service. To be specific, you’ve ve to take the service if you want us to edit photos of gates, hairstyles, furry dolls, group people, fences, and trees.

Benefits of Clipping Path

High-Quality Photos

Image clipping services on the earth are always efficient. As these services are offered by professional clipping path experts, there is no chance to come out with poor quality photos. On the other hand, if you do not take such services for your photos, you will have to present your company with some low-quality photos, which can never fulfill your target.

Eye-catching Impressions

It does not matter what your profession is. You always want to make your target clients fall in love with your services or products. Unfortunately, all of the raw photos lack the facility for attracting people. This is why you have to change the backgrounds of your images before displaying them. Besides, you have to fix all the issues prevailing in your images. Image clipping service gives you a boost regarding it.

Standing out from the Competition

Every business on the earth are competitive. Hence, to sustain in the competition is the primary goal of emerging businesses. And to implement this goal, Clipping Path helps you in a great deal. It is because you can present your business with some of the industry-leading photos when you take this service. Thus, you can easily stand out from the competition of your business.

Professionals Requiring Image Clipping Service

Though clipping service is required in almost all the fields, some fields require it the most. To give an example, you will never think of professional photographers, e-commerce retailers, advertising agencies, real estate professionals, newspapers and magazines professionals without the service of photo clipping. Let’s have a detailed look at the fields:

Professional Photographers

Professional photography is a sturdy field where Photoshop Clipping Path is direly in need. If you are a professional photographer, you know how important it is in your daily life. To speak the truth, you cannot think of your business without the help of this service.

Every day you have to capture numerous photos for your clients, and so you need to handle a bunch of photos regularly. You just cannot deliver those photos without editing as raw photos are unprofessional. Even if you do so, it will put a negative impact on your career.

On the other hand, you do not have enough time to edit those photos on your own. This is where you have to think about this service. The service not only decreases your burden, but it also helps you provide your clients with excellently edited photos. And this will boost your professionalism to the next level.

E-commerce Retailers

E-commerce is an emerging industry on earth. The industry is getting more and more popularity, so businessmen are moving their bent of mind to it. As a result, buying and selling products has been easier than before. However, the retailers of the industry have to handle a lot of products every day.

And every time they launch a product, they have to take a photo of it. They cannot even imagine their retailing businesses without product images. But they need to undergo Clipping Path Photoshop for each of their ready-to-launch product.

If you are an e-commerce retailer, you know the importance of a product image. If you do not launch your product without perfect images, then you will fail to attract your clients–which will decrease your chance of potential sales. This is why you should always take the help of ecommerce photo editing service  from a renowned service provider.

Advertising Agencies

Every sector of business is replete with advertisements. No business can bloom without the help of advertisements. Hence, the industry of advertisements is developing day by day, leaving a bunch of advertising agencies to hit the light.

These agencies publish nothing but some attractive photos with perfect copyrighting. They use photos to get the first impressions of people positively. For this reason, they pay their full attention to images when it comes to advertising a product. But without the service of Photo Clipping, they cannot implement their ideas properly.

Photo Clipping is essential for them as the service turns your photos to be what you expect. And if the photos are turned professional with the help of the service, you will be able to help your clients boost sales. And if they can boost sales, you will get returning clients for extending your business, either.

Real-estate Businesses

Real-estate is one of the richest businesses in the world. It helps us buy and sell our properties in the easiest way possible. This industry has great importance to photos. Nobody will make up their mind to buy a particular property without seeing it indeed

This is where real estate photos play their parts. The unfortunate fact is that your photos will never pay any appeal to your potential clients if they are not eye-catching. And you must remember that the first impression is the last impression. But raw photos, which are your main weapon for sales conversion, cannot manipulate the minds of the potential clients.

Your photos may have some unnecessary objects, which are irritating to see. Even the backgrounds of some of your captured photos may look clumsy. And you must fix these issues before presenting the photos to your clients. This is where the importance of Clipping Path lies.

Newspapers and Magazines

Newspapers and magazines are our day-to-day friends. Every day we get up from the bed with our hands on the newspapers. And we check out the articles of magazines at night. This is one of our common tasks for real. We cannot think of our lives without them.

But when it comes to the quality of them, we cannot neglect the importance of photos in the industries. Let’s talk about magazines. Have you ever seen a magazine without professional photos? The answer is definitely “no”. That is why you are penchant to use photos in your magazine. Newspapers are no exception in this case.

The truth is that almost all of your target photos require the service of Photoshop Clipping. With the help of the service, you will be able to remove silly objects from your photos. Most importantly, you will be able to replace the current backgrounds of your photos with some eye-catching ones.

Internet Marketers

Internet, which has made our life easier, is a wonder of modern science. It has been a part and parcel of our life indeed. Almost every day we hang around on the internet. This is a great opportunity for people who are engaged in marketing like you.

You are making the best use of time with your internet marketing tricks indeed. But have you ever thought of the quality of the photos that you use for marketing? The answer is probably “no”, which should not be. If you want to get the best output from your internet marketing, you must use top-notch photos.

Unfortunately, no photo is standard in raw format. This is why you need to take the help of Clipping Path companies–you will find them all around the world. They will make your photos perfect for marketing by changing backgrounds, correcting colors, and changing some silly objects.

What Client Say About Us

I have been using Right Clipping for a long time. In my opinion, they are the best clipping path service company. I have no bitter experience with them. Like their services, their communication is above average. I have never been disheartened by knocking them. I love the company from the core of my heart and will take their services over and over again.

Elizabeth J. Harris

CEO Of Elizabeth Photography

Being a professional photographer, I have to get in touch with photo clipping services regularly. But I was not lucky enough to get engaged with a good clipping path company in the past. I picked up some of the worst providers indeed. Finally, I have got to know Right Clipping. They provide me with excellent services.  I hope I won’t have to switch again.

Kyla C. Petrillo

Cliento Photography

For my e-commerce site, I have to deal with a lot of images regularly. And I worked with an Australian Clipping Path company for this burden. Though they were a good company, their pricing plans were too high. That’s why I had to switch to another company. In the end, I found Right Clipping and started working with them. Their pricing plans are reasonable and they do not lag behind in terms of quality.


Truman S. Boothby

I have no words to express how much I love Right Clipping. From taking orders to delivery, they prove themselves as one of the best image clipping service providers out there. I recommend all kinds of professionals to take the services of Right Clipping. Hope you will never be dissatisfied.

Louis S. Broome

Right Clipping is a giant company in the arena of image editing services. I am a new user of their clipping services. And they have been successful to meet my expectations. However, I do not need regular image clipping services. But If I need such services in the future, I will definitely come back to them.

Beverley G. Bowers


1. What is Clipping Path?

Clipping Path is a Photoshop technique. It is generally used to extract a target object from a cluttered background. That is to say, if a specific photo has an unattractive background, it requires clipping path to make it look attractive and eye-catching. Some swift corrections of photos are also done under this technique. However, the service is widely taken by e-commerce retailers as well as professional photographers. To speak the truth, the mentioned industries cannot advance without the help of Clipping Path.

2. Can I apply for a trial?

Yes, you can apply for a trial. We urge our clients to apply for a trial before making a bulk order. You should always test what service you are going to have indeed. So, try to give us a few photos for clipping service. If you like your trial photos, then you can move to give us your bulk order. For your kind information, we offer a free trial for the photo clipping service.

3. What kind of file do you prefer?

In terms of photo clipping service, we do not bother with file formats. We take all kinds of photos regardless of formats. It does not matter whether you have JPG or PNG photos. Yet, we will be glad to receive your files in JPG format. It is because JPG images are easy to upload and download for its small size. Hence, both you and we will be able to get rid of hassles at the time of file transferring.

4. Is there any minimum requirement for clipping service?

No, we do not bother about minimum requirements. You can place any kind of order regardless of quantity and complexity. And we emphasize on each of our projects. No matter how small the project is. You will always be given priority when you place an order at our company. The quality will also be the same. Hence, you can approach placing an order without feeling any sort of hesitation.

5. Do you offer the facility of revisions for clipping services?

Yes, we offer the facility of revisions for our clipping services. By the way, we are determined to provide our clients with the best service in the field of Clipping Path. So, the quality of our service is always above standard. Yet, you may want us to recheck some of your edited images. In this case, we always welcome you. You can send us your images again without any hesitation.

6. Why should I choose Right Clipping for this kind of service?

Well, there are a great number of photo clipping service providers all over the world. Unfortunately, all of them cannot meet the demands of clients for lacking great skills and experiences. On the other hand, Right Clipping stands proudly among them. It is because we have an excellent team of experienced Clipping Path experts. Besides, our clipping services are cost-effective.

7. How much do you charge for Clipping Path?

Well, it depends. All the photos do not require the same efforts to edit. Some photos need basic editing, while others need extensive editing. Hence, we have created 6 different clipping service categories. Depending on the categories, the charges are different. So, have a look at the categories to know which category is perfect for your photos.

8. How long will you take to finish my project?

It is difficult to answer the question without checking your images. The fact is that your images may require some basic edits or advanced edits. Besides, the quantity of your images is another factor. You can now realize that the turnaround time will vary depending on the complexity as well as the number of your images. Let’s discuss it in detail to know the exact turnaround time for your project.

9. How can I place an order for image clipping service?

Placing an order for clipping service is an easy and simple task. Once you have decided to work with us, click on any of the photo clipping service categories. After clicking on “Get Quote”, you will be redirected to a contact form. Fill in the form properly and upload your images accordingly. Now solve the captcha and click on “Submit”. Well done! You have successfully placed an order. Now it’s time to stay relaxed while we are working on your project.

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