Best Ideas for Cute Girl Selfie Poses

Written by Kathy Patricia

March 12, 2020

Some Best Ideas for Cute Girl Selfie

Social media can reveal a lot about a person. That is why you should be careful about selecting a picture for posting. You want to look your best but you should also look natural. Some selfie poses for girls are given below:


Bedfie or selfie in bed is very common. If done right bed selfie can look very natural and attractive. This pose can also be very challenging. You want to look natural but not messy. The trick is to look lively and look directly into the camera. Take multiple selfies and choose the best one. You can edit the photo if you want. But heavily editing the photo will make it lose its charm. If you want to upload the selfie to Instagram, make sure to choose a proper caption for Instagram.


A bored selfie is cute and endearing. The best thing about these types of selfie is that you can take the picture from various angles. This type of selfie is a cute girl selfie. You can properly convey your emotions via a photo. You can take this selfie in front of various backgrounds. The important aspect of a bored selfie is your facial expressions. So, make sure that your facial expression is on point. The wrong facial expression can ruin the whole photo.


A cooking selfie can be very interesting. You can take a cooking selfie during every step of the cooking process. You can take a cooking selfie while you are prepping to cook a meal or you can take a cooking selfie after you have cooked a meal. It is very satisfactory to take a picture with something you have poured your heart and soul into. While taking a cooking selfie you have to make sure that the lighting is good. A cooking selfie is very common but it is a very popular type of cute girl selfie.


Drinking and night out with friends is enjoyable for everyone. You can make a fun night memorable by taking a selfie. You can either take a group selfie or a single selfie. These types of selfies should be natural and spontaneous. Make sure your surrounding area is in the frame. Otherwise, you won’t get the full effect of the selfie. If you want to put the drinks on the frame then rearrange them in an aesthetic order. They could enhance the beauty of your selfies.

5.Facial Expressions

Facial expressions are important for all types of selfies. In a single selfie, the main attention is on your face. If your facial expression is not on point then no matter how beautiful the background is or how good the camera angle is the photo will not look good. The same thing goes for group selfies. If you need to take multiple selfies but make sure to get the perfect shot. When you are taking a group selfie with friends you can make any facial expression you want.

6.Figure out Your Best Side

Everyone has a side of their face that is the best. Figure out which is your best side by posing in front of the mirror. Make sure the angle of your face look flattering and natural. If the photo looks staged it will lose its charm. You need to figure out your best side for your Instagram selfie. Finding a flattering way to take photos will make you more confident. If you feel like you can’t decide on your best side then ask your friends for their opinion.

7.Fish Lips

When it comes to pretty girl selfie fish lips are a must. Fish lips can look childish if you do it wrong. But if you do it right it can look very cute and endearing. Fish lips can make you look childish and carefree. It is a fun selfie pose. Try to take a fish lip selfie from a high angle. Keep the background simple for this type of selfie. This type of selfie is very popular among young girls.

8.Focus on the Background

Normally in a selfie, the main focus is on the person. But when you go somewhere spectacular the focus should be on the background rather than yourself. But the facial expression is still important in this type of selfie. The selfie should capture the moment. That means the selfie should be able to capture the beauty of the moment.

9.In the Water

During the summer a lot of people go swimming, fishing, or boating. So, a lot of people take water selfie during this time. When taking a water selfie you can either be in the water or near the water. You can use accessories like a hat or sunglasses to complement your look. If you are someplace natural and beautiful such as- a lake or a sea you should put importance in the background. If you are in a swimming pool you can put the focus on yourself. Just strike a pose and take a selfie.

10.Kissy Face


Kissy face is a common Instagram selfie. That is because a kissy face can enhance your beauty and make you look beautiful. When someone puckers their lips it softens their facial features. It makes them look very youthful and sweet. You can take a kissy face selfie in almost all types of settings and backgrounds. Before you take a kissy face selfie make sure that it suits you. Also, make sure that your face is in the middle of the frame. If you want to take a cute girl selfie kissy face is the pose for you.

11.Pose in the Mirror

Posing in the mirror gives you multiple options. You can choose between multiple poses. You can choose your whole body or just your face. In general, mirror selfies are very fun. They bring out your inner artist. But you do need to clear your surroundings while taking a mirror selfie or they can be seen in the mirror. This can ruin the whole selfie. So, you have to be careful.



12.Pose Your Eyes

Eyes are the windows to the soul. Sometimes in a selfie, a person’s eyes can be neglected. When you pose with your eyes they become the center of your selfie. Posing with your eyes will make your eyes the focal point of the photo. You can bring attention to your eyes by wearing makeup or you can decorate your eyelids with glitters and rhinestones. You can also bring attention to your eyes by covering one eye with your hand or doing similar poses. Keeping your eyes the center point of your selfie is very unique and it will bring something extra to your selfie skill.

13.Two-Handed Selfies

Normally selfies are taken with one hand but two-handed selfies provide more support and it gives a different angle to the photo. When you take a single-handed selfie you mainly showcase your face on an angle. When you take a two-handed selfie you are face to face with the camera and it puts your face in the focal point. This type of selfie is not suitable for everybody as it can make your face look flat. But if it suits your face then go for it.



14.With Your Pet

Most people nowadays have at least one pet. Pet owners have a special kind of relationship with their pets. What better way to remember special moments with pets than taking a selfie with them? Taking a selfie with your pet can be difficult as pets are not always very co-operative. You can calm your pet by giving them treats or petting them. Once they are calm take as many selfies as you can. Any photo with your pet will have a deep meaning for you. You can also share selfies with your pets with your friends and family.

15.Woke Up

People usually look very relaxed and well-rested after waking up. That doesn’t mean you have to take a selfie right after you wake up. You can emulate the fresh look by wearing makeup and lying in bed. But after you wake up if you feel confident enough you can take a selfie. Just make sure that your face is clean before you post it.

 If you are interested in head-shot poses, you can go here for attractive poses tips.


Nowadays everybody uploads selfies. If you want to get noticed for your selfie poses you have to try something different. In this article, we talk about different  poses. Hope you found them useful.

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