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Fashion retouching is a highly skilled task which is an essential part of fashion photography. It takes hours of editing and skills to get all the details right. Here at Right Clipping, we deliver whatever our clients demand from us. We have years of expertise on our side and our editors are exceptionally skilled.

Right Clipping offers all sorts of fashion photo retouching and we make the best out of your raw fashion images. Our editors are highly skilled so you don’t have to worry about the imperfections of your fashion images.

Since our establishment, we have helped numerous clients and we are confident that we can help you too. Our team of experts can work on your pictures and bring out exactly what you need.

on your instructions and combine our vision with yours to deliver the best result. We do retouching for model’s portfolio, paper and online magazines,

fashion magazine advertisement, commercial and editorial photos, etc. Normally when a photographer takes a photo there is room for improvement. Fashion retouching services generally do teeth whitening, skin smoothing, background editing, enhancing makeup, etc. Fashion photography is considered a form of art and it has to be flawless. This is why fashion retouching takes a long time.

Choosing Right Clipping is the smartest decision you can make because we are the best photo retouching company. Our designers are sincere and skilled. The services we provide include editing the light and shades of the image, saturating the colors and shadows, correcting the contrast, regenerating and enhancing the skin, sculpting the shape, removing moles, spots, and blemishes, replacing the colors, and more. Right Clipping is a clipping path service provider and we stand out from the competition because we have years of experience, skills, and sincerity on our side. So, if you ever need a fashion retouching service, do not hesitate to contact us.

Fashion Retouching Service Categories

Skin Smoothing

Skin Smoothing
Fashion photographs have to be flawless but human beings are not. This is where fashion retouching comes in. Retouching techniques are used to smooth out the skin and removing spots, and blemishes

Teeth Whitening

An ideal white grin is perfect for fashion photography. Editors can also straighten crooked teeth to ensure perfection. This process can take some time but experts will give you good results.

Density and Color Correction

Density and Color Correction

If the picture is not rightly exposed according to its surrounding, it will not have an attractive look and feel. Also, our designers will remove any unwanted color tone and make the photos look exceptional.

Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting
When you are doing a fashion photoshoot you want customers to focus on the product, not on love handles, or excess fat around hips, arms, legs, etc. So, body sculpting is done to get rid of these imperfections.

Face Makeover

Face Makeover

Sometimes makeup doesn’t enhance the model’s features perfectly. So, Photoshop is used to give a virtual makeover and to remedy photographic issues and upgrade facial magnificence.

Sharpening Eyes

Eyes are the first place people look when they look at a photograph. Especially in a fashion photograph. That is why it is important to sharpen eyes and softening eye bags. This will make the photo more appealing.

Benefits of Fashion Retouching Service

Fashion retouching is a highly skilled task and it is used to beautify the image object. For fashion photography, a photoshoot is not enough. There are a lot of tasks to do post- production. Fashion retouching is one of those essential tasks. Also, fashion retouching takes less time than Photoshop. So, it saves time. The benefits of fashion retouching are given below:

Improve the Glamor of the Photo

Fashion photography is all about glamor. The more timeless and elegant your photos look, the more it will attract people’s attention. Fashion photography retouching is used to smooth out acne scars, blemishes, tattoos, etc. Fashion retouching helps you to achieve perfection. It can also sculpt bodies and emphasize makeup to give the photograph an editorial look.

Remove Unwanted Objects

It takes a long time and a lot of effort to complete a photoshoot. When you are editing the photos, you might find some unwanted objects in the photograph or the background isn’t to your liking. With the help of fashion retouching, you can get rid of these minor problems and you can make your photograph more appealing.

Make the Subject and Object More Alive and Attractive

Fashion photography is attractive and eye- catching. It has to be because the more people are interested to look at a photo, the chances of the product being sold increases more. Fashion retouching isn’t very expensive but a professionally retouched photograph is suitable for universal use.

Professionals Requiring Fashion Retouching Services

Fashion retouching services are required in many professional fields. Let’s look at some of the professionals that require fashion retouching services:

Model’s Portfolio

To ensure success in modeling, a model must have a versatile portfolio. For fashion photography, a photoshoot is not enough. The photographs need to be retouched if you want a polished, professional look. Fashion retouching services allow you to achieve that. Since modeling is an expanding profession, the demand for a good portfolio will only go higher. A fashion retouching service may need to give services such as- smoothing skin and getting rid of acne scars, blemishes, whitening teeth, etc. Fashion industry mainly focuses on the impeccable presentation of things. That is why fashion retouching is so important.

Fashion Magazine Advertisements

When a company advertises a product they want the focus to be on the product so that the sales increase. During a photoshoot many things can go wrong. But you don’t have to worry because post- production we can solve almost anything. Using fashion retouching we can make the background brighter or darker. Photoshop any imperfection the product might have. Doing this will make the product more appealing and chances of sales will increase. We see many advertisements in fashion magazines. Chances are most of these products have been retouched.

Newspapers and Online Magazines

Newspapers and online magazines have a lot of advertisements on them. These photographs need to be retouched before they are published. There are also a lot of photos published besides news articles. We can remove unwanted objects, blur photos if necessary. So, we can say that fashion retouching has a lot of purpose besides making things appealing. You can achieve a lot with fashion retouching.

Fashion Photography

The field that has the most need for fashion retouching is probably fashion photography. Photographers take photographs of various models and objects for magazines, business, fashion houses, or even for independent use. For obvious reasons, these photographs need to be high quality. Many photographers use fashion retouching to make their photographs more glamorized and appealing. It takes creative and skilled people to make an ordinary photo extraordinary. To retouch a photograph you may have to modify and smoothen skin, get rid of scars and blemishes, use image compositing. In short, fashion retouching is no easy work.

What Client Say About Us

As a fashion model I am always in the need for a good portfolio. Sometimes photoshoots cannot be conducted optimally. So, I had to turn to photo retouching. Right Clipping has done an amazing job with my photos. I am thoroughly impressed. They are the best photo editing company.
Crystal Marie Petersen

I came across Right Clipping while searching for a good photo editing company. They were very sincere and I am very happy with the results they produced. I will use their service again because I honestly think they are one of the best photo retouching in the industry.
Katie Russell

I heard about Right Clipping from a friend of mine and I have to say I am impressed. Generally, I don’t reviews but I needed to retouch some photos for an online magazine and when I got the result I was speechless. For a reasonable price, they do high- quality clipping path Photoshop.


Truman S. Boothby

I am a photographer and sometimes I need help with high- end retouching. I have been using the service of Right Clipping for quite a few years and I don’t think I will ever use another photo editing company. Their editing skills are phenomenal.
Gracilly Marte

Right Clipping will never disappoint you. They have a team of editors and designers who are eager to help you. If I need to retouch any photo, I always contact Right Clipping. I recommend them to everybody. They are the best at fashion retouching photoshop.
Traci Mundale


1. What is Fashion Retouching?

Fashion retouching is a Photoshop technique used to make fashion photos flawless and appealing. Between photoshoot and publication of the photo, a lot of tasks has to be completed. Fashion retouching is one of those tasks. High fashion is all about perfection. So, fashion retouching services are indispensable.

2. Why is Right Clipping best for fashion retouching?

Right Clipping is the best service provider in the market right now. Our editors are experienced and skilled. They are qualified enough to provide whatever you ask of them. Our clients are very much satisfied with our services. If you choose to use our service, you will not be disappointed.

3. How can I check your service quality?

If you want to make up your mind about our services before you give a large project, you can do this by using our Free Trial and Free Quote services. Only if you are satisfied with these services you can contact us for more projects.

4.How much will it cost for Fashion Retouching service from Right Clipping?

Different retouching services cost a different amount of money. All important information is given on our website. You can check out different retouching services and the exact amount of price.

5. What if I have trouble selecting the right category and price?

It is not abnormal for new clients to get confused. To learn more about category and pricing you need to take our Free Quota service. Our support center will provide you with more information. Feel free to ask them any question you have.

6. How can I send images for Fashion Retouching service?

This process is very easy. First, you have to select the category of the type of service you want to have. Then you have to fill in some information. Then you can upload all your images as a zip file. When you are done uploading we will take it from here.

7.How much time does it take?

It depends on what kind of service you require and how much photos are there to retouch. Our designers work every day to ensure the quality of your photographs. You don’t have to wait a long time. You will get the photos back as soon as possible. If you have a problem or you just have some inquiry, you can contact our support team.

8. Do you have a minimum requirement for your Fashion Retouching service?

We do not have a minimum requirement. You can still use our service no matter how small your project is. We treat all our projects with equal importance.

9. Can I resubmit my photos for further editing?

Yes, you can resubmit your photos for further editing. Our customer center is open 24/7. If you have any problem you can contact us. We are always available to hear from you. Our main goal is to provide the best service we can.

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