Ghost Mannequin Service


Ghost Mannequin Service

Ghost mannequin service allows the removal of mannequin and background to give a hollow look. Ghost mannequin product photography allows customers to get a more thorough look. If you want to display the images of your garments without the dummy then ghost mannequin Photoshop might be best for you. The demand for ghost mannequin effect is huge and here at Right Clipping, it is done professionally and skillfully. Right Clipping is a clipping path service provider. Ghost mannequin is mainly used by online shopping companies. But fashion houses and garment companies also use this effect. Mannequins or dummies often can be distracting. When you are showing a product you want all the attention on it. Ghost mannequin photography allows you that. Using Photoshop you can remove the dummy and can showcase the garment. It is one of the most popular services a clipping path specialist can perform. If you are looking for a

retouching company to provide you with ghost mannequin service then look no more. Right Clipping is your answer because we are the best photo editing company. We have editors who are professional and skillful. You don’t have to worry about anything. Since our establishment, thousands of clients have contacted us with millions of images that needed ghost mannequin effect. We have never let our clients down. We have a reputation among image clipping services. Our editors have proper awareness about ghost mannequin, neck joint, and 3D imaging. We ensure high- quality work at a reasonable price. If you run a clothing business then ghost mannequin service will be helpful to you as it will allow customers to only focus on the garment. If you need a clipping path service provider to provide you with ghost mannequin service then contact Right Clipping. We are the best in the business.

Ghost Mannequin Service Categories

Ghost mannequin is not an easy service. It takes a lot of patience and skill to use the ghost mannequin effect on an image. It is different than regular Photoshop. If you take a picture of a dummy wearing a shirt and then Photoshop it, it will look disproportionate. It will leave major inconsistencies in the clothing. If you want the best result you will have to use ghost mannequin because it pays attention to details and preserves every little area of clothing. Some of the categories of ghost mannequin services are:

Neck Joint

Neck Joint

If you want to showcase a shirt you don’t have to take a picture of the whole mannequin. Just take pictures of the top half of the mannequin and send it to the editors. They will use neck joint service to remove the neck and head of the mannequin which will give the customers a 3D look. Not having a mannequin in the image will allow customers to focus on the garment which can increase the chances of sales. Neck joint service saves you from doing extra work.

Bottom Joint

Bottom Joint
Bottom joint service is when you take picture of a mannequin wearing a skirt or a pant and remove the mannequin’s legs. This method is the reverse of the neck joint service. Both the neck joint service and bottom joint service save valuable time for photographers and editors. While neck joint service includes removing the upper body of the mannequin, the bottom joint service includes editing out the lower body of the mannequin. 

Full Product Work:

Full Product Work

Full product work is useful when you want to sell a complete outfit and you will have to photograph the entire dummy. In that case, an editor will have to remove the entire mannequin. It can be a meticulous work but it is worth it. Full product work is used to showcase a suit or a dress. Full product work gives the customer a complete idea of the outfit which can increase sales.


Custom is an especial ghost mannequin service. People don’t always sell clothes, sometimes they sell accessories. Sometimes a rare project will come along where the mannequin will have to wear a hat, watch, or scarf. Depending on what part of the mannequin is photographed, the editor will have to remove the mannequins, head, hand, or neck.

Benefits of Ghost Mannequin Service

In this age of technology the e- commerce industry is the biggest growth sector in the world. One of the most profitable sector is online shops and customers usually look for visual cues. So, product photography is the part and parcel of the fashion industry. This service is one of the most used clipping path service. Some of the benefits of ghost mannequin service are given below:

Natural 3D appearance

Once you have removed the mannequin you can join the front and rear of the cloth and give it a natural 3D appearance. It will give the customers a thorough look of the garment which will increase sales. Not having a mannequin in the image is also less distracting. You want customers to focus on the product, nothing else. Ghost mannequin service gives you the opportunity to do so. Ghost mannequin service gives the image a natural look. It doesn’t make the image look disproportionate. Also, if you want you can remove the top or the bottom part of the dummy. You don’t have to edit the whole thing.

Color Adjustment

When you remove the mannequin from the image all the attention falls on the garment. So, you have to make sure that the product looks really nice. To do this you need to adjust the color of the product. You can fix the pixel and adjust the brightness. Do what you have to do to make the product look attractive. Ghost mannequin service will bring out the best in your product which will increase sales.

Easy Display

If you lay the garment on the floor or hang it to photograph it, it may not look attractive. But putting the garment on the dummy makes it easier to showcase and it makes it look flattering. But sometimes a mannequin can be distracting. When customers are clicking on a new product every second you want their full attention on the product, not on anything else. That is why ghost mannequin service is so effective.

Professionals Requiring Ghost Mannequin Service

Ghost mannequin service is required in many professional fields. After all, the vivid techniques of ghost mannequin service is a money- saving way when promoting products. So, naturally many people are interested in ghost mannequin service. Let’s see which professionals require our ghost mannequin service:

E- Commerce Site

Many e- commerce sites especially online clothing shops rely heavily on images of their products. The better the images are the better the chances of sales are. That is why many e- commerce sites rely on ghost mannequin service because it gives the garment a 3D look which allows the customer to focus on the product. If e- commerce sites uploaded images with dummies it could distract the customer or worse it could make the garment look unflattering.


Garment companies need to showcase their products to buyers, clients, and customers alike and they need the product to be as flattering as possible. Ghost mannequin service not only removes the dummy from the image but also color corrects the image and adjusts brightness. All these effects make the product more attractive and eye- catching which increases the chance of sales. That is why garment companies require This service.


Photographers don’t always work with models, sometimes they work with inanimate objects. If a photographer works with a mannequin they will need to edit it out before publishing the photo. Even though most photographers have basic editing skills, ghost mannequin effect requires patience and experience. That is why many photographers require ghost mannequin service.

What Client Say About Us

Ghost mannequin service is not easy. Not every retouching company can handle that. But ever since I have found Right Clipping my worry is gone. Right Clipping is a clipping path service provider and their Ghost Mannequin service is the best. I recommend them to everyone.

CEO Of Elizabeth Photography

I own an online shop and I needed to retouch some images for my website. I approached Right Clipping about their ghost mannequin service. After seeing the result I have no doubt that Right Clipping is the best clipping path service, provider. They really care about their clients.

As a photographer sometimes I have to work with mannequins and need the service of a clipping path specialist who can provide me with ghost mannequin service. A friend of mine recommended Right Clipping to me and I haven’t used any other clipping path service provider since.



I first used the service of Right Clipping when I needed to show some samples to my clients but I had no experience with ghost mannequin service. After I contacted the help center they walked me through the whole process. Ever since then I have been using Right Clipping.
katt kilders

Right Clipping provides quality work at a decent price. I have used a lot of clipping path service providers over the years but none of them held a candle to Right Clipping. They are professional yet helpful. If you are in need of ghost mannequin service, allow me to introduce Right Clipping.


1. What is Ghost Mannequin Service?

Ghost mannequin service is an image editing service which allows you to remove the mannequin and the background to give a hollow look. Ghost mannequin allows you to display images of garments without the mannequin and it gives the garment a 3D look.

2. How can I check your service quality before the deal? Is there any option for this?

Yes. You can check our service quality before you decide to hire us. There are two features added so that you can judge our service quality. There are Free Trial and Free Quote services. You can take the Free Trial service to get an idea about our service quality. All these services are very easy to use and they are free.

3. Why should I take Ghost Mannequin Service from Right Clipping?

Ghost mannequin service is not easy to perform. It takes a lot of experience and skill to use ghost mannequin edit. Over the years many customers have reached us wanting to require ghost mannequin service. Our editors have never let them down. So, you can count on us.

4. How can I select the right category and price?

If you are a first- time customer it is not unusual to feel confused. We have Free Trial and Free Quote services. To get an idea about our pricing you need to take our Free Quote service. If you have any further inquiry our support center will help you.

5. How can I send images to take Ghost Mannequin Service?

First, you need to select the category of the service you want us to perform. Then you will have to fill in some information for us. After that, you can upload all your images as a zip file. We will take it from here.

6. How much time does it take?

It depends on the number of images you have sent and the kind of service you want to be done. But our editors are very professional and they don’t waste any time. So, you will get the images back as soon as possible. If you want any more information feel free to contact us. Our customer center is open 24/7.

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