Image Masking Service


Image Masking Service

Right Clipping is an industry-leading photo editing company. We have been working for a long time to meet the demands of different professionals when it comes to photo editing. Hence, we offer a variety of services to our potential clients. But Image Masking Service is one of our most vital services. We have to handle a lot of work for Image Masking every day. As a result, our experts have some exceptional skills in the field.

For your kind information, we have a special team for this specific service. The team is working hard to meet the demands of our clients. So, the chance is that you will always come out with the best service when you place an order with us. Our photo masking experts will never compromise with the quality of their work.

If you are concerned about our availability, you will be glad to know that we are available round the clock. Both our masking experts and customer executives are active all the time. So, whenever you knock us, you will be responded promptly. Even if we cannot respond to your message instantly, you will never have to wait for a long time for sure.

Image Masking Service Categories

Layer Masking

Layer Masking

Layer Masking is a demanding service in the arena of Photoshop. Typically, it is applied either to isolate an object or to remove a background. If you are in need of such a service, then you can choose this category. However, the price may vary depending on the complexities.

Fur & Hair Masking

Fur & Hair Masking
If you want to give your fur & hair an outstanding look, then this category is for you. Under this category of masking service, we separate fur & hair from the background of your original image. In addition, we fix some basic issues prevailing in your photos such as color, exposure, contrast, and brightness issues.

Alpha Channel Masking

Alpha Channel Masking

Alpha Channel Masking is another demanding photo masking service. This service is usually taken for the purpose of removing the background from an image. When our editing task is finished, we save the file as Alpha Channel. As a result, it can be edited later for brightness, exposure, contrast, and so on.

Transparent Object Masking

Transparent Object Masking
We often have some transparent objects–glasses, spectacles, water, and transparent bottles–in the backgrounds of our photos. As they spoil the beauty of our photos, we need to remove them. And you can easily do this with the help of our Transparent Object Masking service.

Refine Edge Masking

Refine Edge Masking

This service is great for turning photos of fury dolls, furs, blankets, hair, fabrics, trees, and animals natural as well as excellent. For this purpose, we apply the layer mask along with the refine radius tool. Anyway, the price of this service varies from photo to photo.

Translucent Object Masking

Translucent Object Masking
Sometimes we need Photo Masking Service for some translucent objects. If you have this kind of object in your photos, then this is the best category of masking service for you. Typically, the photos of sunglasses, fabrics, plastic bottles and frosted papers need to undergo this kind of service.

Object Masking

Object Masking

 If you have some kind of deformations in your photos, then Object Masking is the right choice for you. Under this category of service, we help our clients get some natural photos without having untoward objects. So, you should go for this service in order to remove unsuitable objects from your images.

Color Masking

Color Masking
This service is often taken by designers. In this case, we avoid the hollow lines and cut the edges of different images. As a result, designers can apply various colors in the future. If you are searching for exactly this facility, you are recommended to take our Color Masking service without any hesitation.

Benefits of Image Masking Service

Like anything on the earth, Photo Masking Services has some benefits. And the benefits compel you to take this kind of service over and over again. However, if you do not know the benefits of this service, this section is for you. Let’s know what the benefits of photo masking services:

Professional Background Removal

The first and foremost benefit of taking the service of photo masking is to enjoy professional background removal. The masking experts out there spend their valuable time to come up with poignant background removal indeed. If you take other services for this purpose, you will never come out with perfect background removal of your images. Hence, photo masking is highly recommended when it comes to removing backgrounds.

Using Customized Backgrounds

Using customized backgrounds is another benefit of masking service. Typically, we need to use a customized background for the purpose of advertisements. It is because customized backgrounds help us include some information and objects to make the target people convinced for a particular service. Besides, they provide us with the facility of professional as well as eye-catching advertisements. That is why professionals around the world are using masking services over and over again.

Editing Furry and Transparent Objects

When you take image clipping services for furry and transparent objects, you may not get poignantly edited photos. In this case, you must take masking services. In fact, masking services will enable to enjoy professional looks on the photos that have furry and transparent objects. These services, however, are also good for the photos having specific fabrics like muslin. For all these reasons, you should always take photo masking services.

Professionals Requiring Image Masking Services

Image Masking is required in different fields. But there are some fields that cannot be imagined without image masking. However, if you do not know what the fields are, this section is for you. Let’s learn what kinds of professionals need this service the most:

Professional Photographers

If you are a professional photographer, you know well how important it is to get the service of photo masking. The fact is that you often capture some photos having furry and transparent objects, which require Photoshop masking. Besides, there are some photos that need poignant background removal. And we all know that perfect background removal is possible only with the help of Photoshop masking.

Advertising Agencies

Photo Masking services are highly taken by advertising agencies all over the world. The fact is that they need to change or remove the backgrounds of images before publishing. And masking is mandatory for these facilities. As a result, one cannot think of advertising anything without the help of masking services.

E-commerce Traders

E-commerce traders have to deal with a lot of product images. And product images must be present professionally in order to make successful sales. Hence, e-commerce professionals edit their product images before showcasing. When it comes to editing, they are direly in need of masking services. This is because only masking services help them change/remove the backgrounds of their images properly. Besides, they can change the colors of their products with the help of this service.

Publishing Industries

Publishing industries like magazines and newspapers require photo masking significantly. Especially cover images of these sectors cannot be imagined without Photoshop masking. It is because cover images of magazines and newspapers must be eye-catching. Otherwise, people will be convinced to have a look at it. Ultimately, these images will lose their appeal. This is where masking services help the industries in a great deal.

What Client Say About Us

It requires me to undergo masking a bunch of images for my business. Though I can do it myself, it often irritates me to do image masking in Photoshop. That is why I cannot but get in touch with photo masking services over and over again. And Right Clipping helps me a lot in this regard.
Dalit Ohana

There are various options out there when it comes to taking the service of image masking online. But I prefer to take masking services from Right Clipping as they are the best in the industry. Their edited photos are poignant and excellent. Highly recommended!
Belle Elida

Right Clipping offers industry-leading clipping mask service. In the past, I had some bitter experience with masking service providers. But when I got to this company, I felt that it was what I was searching for. Hence, if I need a masking service, I go nowhere. Right Clipping is my only destination.



Being a photographer, I cannot handle the editing tasks of all my photos. This is why I was in need of a photo masking service provider. And fortunately, I came up with Right Clipping. They are doing great for me! However, I like to take other services of the company as well. You can also give it a try!

I have taken the Color Masking service of the company. Surprisingly, they have been able to meet all my demands. Though it is my first time with the company, I like it very much. I will come back again in the future if I need such services.


1. What is Image Masking?

Image Masking is a Photoshop technique either to hide some portions of a particular photo or to reveal some portions. It may be applied even for both of the purposes. It is one of the most essential services in the arena of professional photo editing services.

2. What is the necessity of Image Masking?

The first and foremost purpose of image masking is to make your photos natural and beautiful. When you undergo this Photoshop technique, you will also be able to get some professional photos to use for any kind of purpose.

3. What is the specialty of Right Clipping when it comes to photo masking services?

Well, you must be in tantalization about our masking services. It is usual as there is a bunch of masking service providers out there. For your kind information, we are the best in this field since we have an outstanding team of masking experts. Besides, our services are reasonable.

4. Do you offer trials for photo masking services?

Yes, we do offer trials for your convenience so that you can take your decision without having any hesitation in your mind. So, let’s test our experts by giving them a chance with your photos requiring clipping mask Photoshop.

5. What is the price of Photo Masking Services?

It depends on the category of masking services. In general, we charge $1 to $10 for different kinds of masking services depending on the complexities and time. To get an exact estimate, feel free to knock us whenever you wish.

6. What is the process of sending images for this particular service?

The process of sending images to us is pretty easy. You will not have to undergo any trouble during sending photos. However, to send us your photos, go to your chosen category and upload your photos accordingly.

7. How much time do you take for processing images when it comes to masking?

We try our best to provide our clients with the fastest turnaround time. But the turnaround time widely depends on the quantity and complexities of your photos. So, communicate with us about your photos before you place an order to know the exact turnaround time.

8. What if I need further editions of my photos?

As we value your demands, we never feel hesitated to take your photos for further editions. So, if you think that your photos need further editions, you can send them to us. And will re-edit them without any cost.

9. Are you available 24 hours?

Yes, we available 24 hours throughout the week. As a result, you can communicate with us in your convenient time, which will lead you to get the updates of your project from time to time.

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