Image Retouching Service

Image Retouching Service

Image Retouching Service is one of the most popular services provided by Right Clipping. We have a long track of experience in this particular field. In fact, we have been working with an array of professionals seeking retouching services since our inception. And when it comes to our editing experts, they are some of the few editors showing excellence in Photoshop-related tasks.

Currently, we have a sturdy team of 40 top-notch editors who are working round the clock to provide our clients with the best service. So, we are always available to meet our clients. You will never have to wait for a long time by knocking us. To speak the truth, we are very prompt in responding to our clients. Thus, we ensure professional communication to meet the demands of the clients.

Our Photo Retouching Service is, however, recognized by industry-leading professionals. It is because we stand out from the competition with our expertise and experience. Yet, you should not believe our words without proof. And for this purpose, we offer our potential clients trial service. You just have to get in touch with our trial service before you make up your mind to take the service of image retouching from us.

Image Retouching Service Categories

Portrait Retouching

Portrait Retouching

Portrait Retouching is one of our best photo retouching services. When you take the service, we ensure you flawless natural looks of your photos. Your photos may have spots, blemishes, unwanted hairs, and acne–which make your looks unnatural. And we remove all these irritating things from your portrait photos under this category of our services.

Glamour Retouching

Glamour Retouching
Glamour Retouching is highly necessary for those who are engaged in professional modeling. Even if you are not a model, you might want to enhance the glamour of your photos. We ensure our clients with stunning glamour in their photos under this particular category. So, if you want to look glamorous, then we recommend you to take the service.

Commercial Retouching

Commercial Retouching

Commercial Retouching is designed to meet the demands of creative advertisements. We cover a lot of things when we perform commercial retouching for our clients. From food to cars, this service is essential for every product that is meant to be advertised to boost sales. So, take the service in order to promote sales of your target products.

Editorial Retouching

Editorial Retouching
Our Editorial Retouching is designed for editorials, magazines, newspapers, and publications. We remove distracting elements from the images of the above-mentioned fields. Hence, you will get natural as well as professional images to use for the purpose of promoting your products. So, you are recommended to take this service if you are a professional working in one of the fields.

Creative Retouching

Creative Retouching

If you want to combine some of your images in a single frame, this service is for you. Typically, we blend various photos in Photoshop under this category of service. This service is, in fact, required in a variety of fields. Whatever your field is, you can go with this service to combine your photos.

Beauty Retouching

Beauty Retouching
Beauty Retouching is designed for enhancing the beauty of models in their photos. The service is slightly different from Glamour Retouching. If you think that Glamour Retouching cannot meet your demands, then you should approach for the service of Beauty Retouching.

Benefits of Image Retouching Service

Everything in the world has some kinds of purposes. Photo Retouching is no exception on this ground. There are a bunch of benefits when you take this kind of service. You may not have thought about them before. In our opinion, you must know what benefits are waiting for you under this service. That is why we are here to include some of the best benefits of this service. Let’s check the benefits before you place an order:

Color Splash

Splashing colors is one of the most dominant benefits of the services of photo retouching. If you have a photo that is black and white, you will certainly try to make it colorful. Even if you have photos that are not attractive in color, you need to work out on them. And this is where retouching services pop up in front of you. You will be able to make your photos colorful and attractive with the help of these services.

Photo Restoration

To restore the quality of old photos is another significant benefit of image retouching Photoshop. You may have some printed photos that have lost their quality because of scratches or any other reasons. In such a case, you must want to restore the quality of them for any particular purpose. And you can do it with the help of retouching services without any trouble.


Beautification is another significant benefit of photo retouching services. Those who are engaged in modeling are badly in need of beautification. They do not like to have any spot on the photos of their bodies. The fact is that they are highly aware of their beauty when it comes to modeling. Even if you are not a model, you might want to beautify your photos naturally. And photo retouching in Photoshop is essential for this purpose.

Professionals Requiring photo retouching-services

Retouching services are required in a bunch of fields. Without these services, many of the fields can never be imagined. However, let’s learn where these services are required the most:

Fashion Industry

Retouching services are widely used in the fashion industry. This is where most of the professional models work. Whenever a new product is launched in the industry, models try their best to show it perfectly to the target clients. Hence, the looks of the models must be meticulous.

And they cannot look meticulous in their raw photos. As a result, their photos need to go through retouching services. These services make their photos both natural and professional, which helps business owners boost their sales easily. So, it can be said that the industry cannot do without the help of retouching services.

Publishing Industry

Publishing industry is also in need of these services. For example, we cannot think of businesses like newspapers, magazines, and publications without the help of retouching services. These fields always require some high-end photos without having any flaws. It is because these fields need to draw the attention of people with the help of photos.

As a consequence, the professionals of the above-mentioned fields have to get in touch with the services of image retouching. With the help of these services, they get eye-catching photos to attract their target readers. In the end, they become successful to meet their expectations.

Advertising Industry

The industry of advertising cannot be imagined without retouching services. This industry works for boosting the sales of different products. For instance, if you launch a product for your target customers, you need to acquaint it with them. And for this purpose, you have to resort the means of advertisements.

When you approach advertising your product, you must keep in mind that your product image needs to be of high-quality. The reason is that your potential customers do not have the chance to see the product physically. So, if they do not like your product image, they will never intend to buy your product. Hence, the images used in the field of advertisement are always of top-notch quality. And behind their quality, there work the hand of retouching services.

Different Organizations

Photo retouching services are also necessary for different kinds of organizations. The organizations need this kind of service with a view to compiling a variety of images into a single frame.

Schools, colleges, NGOs, multinational companies are some of such organizations that need retouching services for compiling photos of different programs. To speak the truth, they are badly in need of compiling photos with a view to keeping their memories evergreen.

What Client Say About Us

One evening, I came across Right Clipping while searching for a good photo retouching company. When I tested them, they provided me with excellently edited photos. Since then, I am a big fan of the company! In my opinion, they are the best in the industry.
Sylvia Jackson

Right Clipping has some exceptional photo experts. They do a great job when it comes to Image Retouching Online. I am a returning client of the company. You can also give it a try. I hope you will come out with the best experience in your life.
Kyla C. Petrillo

Cliento Photography

It’s a highly recommended company. I am extremely satisfied with their cheap retouching services. The editors of the company are very prompt and poignant. They have never disheartened me whenever I got to them. This is why Right Clipping is my only choice for photo retouching services.


Alisha Steffanie

Right Clipping is an outstanding retouching service provider. I have never thought they would do such a great job. However, I have made up my mind that I will come back to them again in the future. Their retouching services are highly recommended!

I always need retouching services for my product images. But I was so unfortunate that I had some bitter experiences regarding this kind of service. None of my previous service providers could meet my expectations. Finally, I came to Right Clipping for the service of Image Retouching. And they have been doing great jobs for me.


1. What is Photo Retouching?

Photo Retouching is a Photoshop technique used to make photos flawless and perfect. Typically, it refers to altering a photo physically for a particular purpose.

2. Why is Right Clipping the best for this service?

Well, we have a bunch of Retouching experts working sincerely to meet the demands of our clients. Being experienced, they never come out with poor editing. They are always able to provide you with the best retouching service.

3. Can I apply for a trial before taking the service?

Yes, you can apply for taking a trial before you make up your mind to take our retouching service for a large project. Actually, we are happy to offer you such a facility, which will make you realize how good we are in retouching.

4.How much will it cost to take Retouching Service from Right Clipping?

We have different pricing plans for our different retouching services. So, check out the retouching categories to know the exact amount of price. And if you cannot identify the right category for you, feel free to knock us.

5. How can I send my photos for this service?

It is pretty easy to send your photos for taking retouching services from us. For this purpose, you have to select a particular category. Afterward, upload the photos in a zip file by filling up our form with necessary information.

6. Do you take a long time for retouching service?

No, we do not. Our retouching experts work round the clock, so you will not have to wait for a long time to get your project back to you. Depending on your chosen category, we will try to give you a quick turnaround.

7. Can I send my retouched photos for further editions?

Yes, you can get to us with your retouched photos if you think it is necessary to send the photos for further editions.

8. When can I communicate with you?

You can communicate with us whenever you wish. The fact is that we are always available to hear from you. It does not matter if it is day or night.

9. Do you have a minimum requirement for offering your retouching services?

For your kind information, we do not have a minimum requirement. We take orders regardless of quantity. Hence, you have nothing to worry if you have a small project.

10. What kind of file do you prefer for this service?

We accept all kinds of photos regardless of formats. So, you can send us your photos without worrying about it. But if your photos are in JPG format, it will give us ease. It is because the JPG format is small in size.

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