Jewellery Retouching Service


Jewellery Retouching Service

Jewellery photo retouching has a high demand. A jewellery photograph needs to be flawless and eye-catching because jewellery is a delicate object and it can be difficult to showcase the beauty of jewellery in a photograph. After you have photographed the jewellery pieces there can be unnecessary objects in the photograph. There can also be scratches or spots. These things need to be corrected and that is why you need to contact a jewellery image retouching service. Jewellery image retouching is not easy. Not everyone can do this properly. If you want jewellery photo retouching services then you should contact Right Clipping because they are the best photo editing company.

Normally when people want jewellery retouching service they want the result to be sophisticated and professional. They want to raise the image quality. If the customers do not find the jewellery eye-catching they will not be 

interested in buying it. Not every retouching company can do that because jewellery retouching requires a lot of patience and experience. Here at Right Clipping, we have editors who work vigorously to ensure you the best result. Our editors are hardworking and professional. Before we talk more about jewellery retouching service we should know what it is. If you are not happy with photographs of the jewellery you don’t have to completely reshoot them..You can edit those photos. It will save you both time and money. Jewellery is a delicate object. If you want to showcase the beauty of the jewellery you should hire a good photo editing company. If you choose Right Clipping you will not regret it. We are the best in the industry.

Jewellery Retouching Service Categories

Colour Correction

Colour Correction

When it comes to jewellery retouching service, adjusting tones and light is very important. If you edit the light and colour of a photograph it will look vastly different than the unedited version. Colour correction is very important for Jewellery retouching. Different gemstones have different characteristics. Not all of them look flattering in a photograph. You have to correct the colour and lighting according to the gem. This takes a lot of patience and hard work. This is why it is important to hire a good retouching company.

Removing Spots

Removing Spots

When customers are online shopping they do not look at one photo for too long. If you want your product to sell you will have to make sure that the product photos are immaculate. When you are photographing jewellery many things can go wrong. If you want your product photos to attract customers you must make sure it is spot and blemish free. If you see any kind of imperfection in your product photo you can get rid of it with the help of jewellery photo retouching. 

Adjusting Brightness

Adjusting Brightness

f the photograph is too bright customers won’t be able to see the features of the jewellery. If the photograph is not bright enough then the jewellery will look unflattering and dull. So, brightness is very important when it comes to jewellery photo retouching. The main purpose of a product photo is to make the product look appealing. To do that the brightness of a product photo must be adjusted. For this task, you will need an image retouching company.

Adding Shine

Adding Shine

One of the best characteristics of gems is that they shine. This quality attracts customers but it can be difficult to capture the beauty of jewellery in a photograph. This is where jewellery photo retouching service comes in. Most of the time jewellery is photographed on a model. So, it is very important to make sure that the attention is on the jewellery not on the model. The easiest way to make sure the attention is on the jewellery is to add shine on it. Adding shine will make the product look more sophisticated and appealing.

Background Removal Service

Background Removal Service

A background can make or break a photograph. To make sure the attention of the customers is on the jewellery you have to choose a suitable background. If the background is unappealing it will make the product look bad. After you have photographed the jewellery if you feel like the background does not look good then you don’t have to reshoot the photographs, you can just edit the background later.

Benefits of Jewellery Retouching Service

Today most businesses are leaning towards online involvement as the e- commerce industry grows more and more. In this day and age of technology, it is not surprising that most people choose to shop online. When customers shop online they have to rely on product photos to get an idea about a product. This is why online businesses invest in product photo retouching. There are many benefits of jewellery retouching service. Some of them are given below:

Attracting Customers

Jewellery business is a competitive business. Unlike clothes, people do not buy jewellery frequently. Depending on the material a piece of jewellery can be expensive. That is why people select jewellery more carefully than any other accessory. If you want to attract more customers you have to make sure the product photo is eye- catching and glamorous. It is very hard to capture the beauty of jewellery in a photograph. This is where jewellery retouching comes in. jewellery retouching can make a piece of jewellery look appealing which in turn attracts customers.

Helping Customers Make a Decision

When people go to stores to buy jewellery they can examine the jewellery personally and figure out whether they like it or not. But when people shop online they do not have the luxury to wear jewellery personally. So, they have to depend on product photos. If the product photos are not clear people can have a difficult time choosing. A good product photo helps the customer to make up their mind.

Helps with Advertisement

Most of the times photographs are used to advertise a product. Pieces of jewellery are no different. Jewellery businesses, big and small, depend on the advertisement to sell the product. If the image in the advertisement is not good enough then people will not be interested in buying the jewellery. This is jewellery retouching service is used to beautify the product.

Professionals Requiring Jewellery Retouching Service

Jewellery retouching service has a lot of benefits. So, naturally, a lot of professionals seek jewellery retouching services. Some of the professionals who require jewellery retouching service are:


Photographers take photographs of jewellery for different brands or magazines. After the photoshoot, they have to edit the photos. Although most photographers have basic editing skills jewellery retouching is difficult because it requires skillset, patience, and years of expertise. If a photographer is unable to retouch the jewellery photos themselves they can hire a retouching company.

Online Jewellery Selling Brands

Online brands depend heavily on product photographs to sell products. As customers cannot see the products themselves to make decision customers also depend on product photos. Online businesses know this. That is why they invest in jewellery retouching. If a product photo is good quality and detailed it will attract more customers and it will increase the sale of the jewellery. This is why online businesses require jewellery retouching service.

Jewellery Designers

Jewellery designers sell their products to different brands and sometimes to customers directly. To expand their business and sell more products they have to advertise their work and what better way to advertise a product than to photograph it. But as we discussed before photographs cannot capture the beauty of jewellery. That is why jewellery designers use the service of jewellery retouching companies.

Jewellery Catalogue Designers

Jewellery catalogue designers design catalogues for jewellery designers, online businesses, magazines, etc. Jewellery catalogue designers have to collect photos of different pieces of jewellery and arrange them artfully. If the photographs do not look good then there is no point in making a catalogue. That is why a jewellery catalogue hires a retouching company so that the customers can get a clear idea about the jewellery by looking at the catalogue.


Magazines feature different kinds of jewellery. Since a magazine wants all the featured object to be beautiful they will emphasis on making the jewellery look stunning. This is why magazines hire jewellery retouching services. Jewellery retouching service has a great impact on magazines and newspapers when it comes to advertisement.

What Client Say About Us

 I have an online business and I need to retouch some jewellery photos from time to time. I have hired many image editing services over the years but none of them was exceptionally good. Then I came across Right Clipping. They never fail to amaze me. They provide good quality work at a reasonable price.

iLil Sally Walker

One of my friends recommended Right Clipping to me and I am so glad that she did. If you ever need to retouch some jewellery photographs you should contact Right Clipping. Their jewellery image retouching service is exceptional. If you have any questions you should visit their website.

Bess Jenkins

Right Clipping is a clipping path service provider. They offer many different services but their jewellery image retouching service is exceptional. I have hired many different services from Right Clipping and I have never been disappointed. I recommend Right Clipping to everyone.


Bree Kelley

If you have hired many professional photo editing services you will know that not all of them are good. It is quite hard to distinguish between the good and the bad if you are a beginner. Well, I work in a magazine and we need the service of a retouching company from time to time. I can tell you from experience that Right Clipping is the best in the industry.


If you are looking for a retouching company that provides quality work at a reasonable price then you should contact Right Clipping. I have been their client for many years and they have never disappointed me.

Alma Newton

I am a jewellery designer and I have been using their services for a long time. They are very efficient and helpful. I find their jewellery retouching service extraordinary. If you are unable to find a good retouching company I suggest you hire Right Clipping. They are the best in the industry.

Sarita Basnet


1. What is Jewellery Retouching Service?

Jewellery retouching service is a type of service that edits out any imperfection from a jewellery photograph.

2.Why should I take jewellery retouching service from Right Clipping?

We have provided world-class service to our clients for many years. We have skilled and professional editors who work tirelessly to provide good result. We have years of expertise on our side and we are very sincere about our work. You will find our work highly satisfying.

3. What is the importance of jewellery retouching service?

Jewellery retouching service has many benefits. Jewellery designers, online businesses and magazines use jewellery retouching service for advertisement. Jewellery retouching service makes jewellery more appealing to customers which in turn increases the chance of a sale.

4. How can I check your service quality?

It is not uncommon for new clients to want to check our service quality. We have two features for you to judge our service quality. They are- Free Trial service and Free Quote service. You can take the Free Trial service to check our service quality. 

5. Who do I contact if I have any more question?

You can contact our help centre. We are open 24/7. If you need any kind of help contact us.

6. How can I send images to take jewellery retouching service?

First, you have to select a category. Then you need to fill some information. After that, you can send us the images as a zip file.

7. Does it take a long time?

It depends on what kind of work you want to be done. But our editors work tirelessly to get the work done in time.

8. Is the price negotiable?

It can be negotiable under certain circumstances. We hope you can make a deal with us.

9. How can I place an order for image clipping service?

Placing an order for clipping service is an easy and simple task. Once you have decided to work with us, click on any of the photo clipping service categories. After clicking on “Get Quote”, you will be redirected to a contact form. Fill in the form properly and upload your images accordingly. Now solve the captcha and click on “Submit”. Well done! You have successfully placed an order. Now it’s time to stay relaxed while we are working on your project.

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