Real Estate Photo Editing & Retouching Services


Real Estate Photo Editing & Retouching Services

Real Estate photo editing & retouching services are very rare in the field of image editing. But those who are involved in the business often need these kinds of services. Considering the convenience of them, we offer photo editing services related to Real Estate business. But we are not just going about in the field. We have our previous records of working with Real Estate businessmen all over the world.

Providing our Real Estate clients with the best service is our first priority. And for this purpose, we have been working very hard from the inception of our company. It should be mentioned that we have a special team for Real Estate image editing services. The editors of the team spend a big portion of their time learning the latest trends of the Real Estate industry. As a result, they can come out with the best service for you.

For your kind information, the experts of our team are of the top-notch level. At the time of employing them, we kept in mind that they would be helping the best businessmen in the world. So, we didn’t compromise with their skills and ability. By the way, we are also concerned about our communication. You can knock us whenever you wish as we are available to consult you about your Real Estate photo editing projects.

Real Estate Photo Editing & Retouching Service Categories

Greenery Attachment

Greenery Attachment

Greenery attachment is one of the most significant jobs while doing real estate photo editing. It is because green sceneries make Real Estate photos highly attractive. Unfortunately, Real Estate photography cannot always come up with green sceneries. 

Sky Attachment

Sky Attachment
Sky is a vital element to increase the beauty of Real Estate images. But when you capture photos of properties, the sky is rarely found attractive. It is when you need to attach the sky to your images. If your photos need this kind of service, you can place an order under this category.

Color Change with Multiple Selections

Color Change with Multiple Selections

The beauty of any photo primarily depends on the color. Real Estate photos are no exception in this case. Rather, color is extremely important in this kind of photos. So, if you think that your photos are not perfect on the ground of color, then you can choose this category to get your desired service.

Wallpaper Optimization

Wallpaper Optimization
If your captured photos have wallpapers, then it might be irritating for you. It is because wallpapers make your real estate images to lose their professionalism. However, you do not have to worry about this matter anymore. 

Live People Attachment

Live People Attachment

Attaching live people to Real Estate photos is a nice technique to increase their appeal. This is why many real estate businessmen want to have live people in their photos. If you intend to do the same thing, then you are welcome to this category of our service. 

Furniture Attachment

Furniture Attachment
Sometimes you have to capture photos in an empty house. Unfortunately, images without furniture make a little sense. If you attach furniture to your captured photos, they will be more appealing to your target clients. And this will increase your conversion at the end of the day. 

Benefits of Real Estate Photo Retouching Services

Making Real Estate Photos Appealing

Who doesn’t want to make their photos appealing, especially when the photos are of the Real Estate industry? The fact is that if your photos are not appealing, you will hardly be able to make sales. It is because people do not care about what is not appealing to them. And if you want to make your photos appealing, you cannot but take the help of the service of image editing for Real Estate Photography.

Gaining Buyer’s Trust

Trust is a great asset for any kind of business out there. Real Estate industry is not an exception in this case. The more trust you can gain, the more successful your business becomes. And presenting professional images is an effective way to gain the trust of your potential buyers. If your photos are natural and attractive, they will automatically create an impact on the minds of your buyers. For this purpose, Real Estate photo editing services play a significant role. Once you take this kind of service, your photos become sturdy enough to gain the trust of your potential buyers.

Increasing Conversions

Our ultimate goal is to increase conversions when we try to sell something. If your conversion is high, you make a good amount of profit in the end. But increasing conversions is not an easy task. You have to strive a lot in order to implement the goal. However, when it comes to the Real Estate industry, images are the first and foremost way to reach your goal. If your images are flawless, you can easily attract your buyers. This will ultimately help you gain more and more profit. So, editing services for Real Estate photos are essential if you want to increase your conversions.

Professionals Requiring Real Estate Image Editing Services

Real Estate industry is a large sector. Different kinds of businessmen work in this industry in order to earn their livelihoods. You may think that some professionals need to take the services of photo editing, while some others do not have to undergo it. But the fact is that almost all kinds of Real Estate professionals need the services of image editing and retouching. However, let’s learn who need the services most:

Residential Real Estate Professionals

People who sell or resell homes for a single-family use fall into this category. Their purpose is to target those who are direly in search of buying new or old homes. This kind of professional has to pay their full attention while capturing photos of the properties. The photos captured by them need to undergo extensive editing, especially if the photos are of old properties.

Commercial and Industrial Real Estate Professionals

Shopping Centers, hotels, educational buildings, offices, medical buildings, strip malls, manufacturing buildings, and warehouses are considered commercial and industrial real estates. The outer views of the photos must be eye-catching. Otherwise, business magnets will not pay any heed to your advertisements. Besides, you have to attach some natural elements to this kind of photo. And doing these things is quite impossible without the help of photo editing services.

Land Real Estate Professionals

These kinds of professionals sell farms, vacant lands, and ranches. It seems that the photos of these properties do not require editing. But the notion is totally wrong. If you do not edit the photos of the mentioned properties, they will not look natural. The fact is that cameras are not capable of capturing natural photos. There might be some flaws in the photos. That is why you cannot but get in touch with image editing services if you are a land real estate professional.

What Client Say About Us

Real estate image editing service is a common need for me. In the past, I was worried about the service as I didn’t know any good company in the industry. Finally, I have got in touch with Right Clipping and realized that I have come to the right place. They are rendering me great service.
Elizabeth J. Harris

CEO Of Elizabeth Photography

Right Clipping knows the craft! I have never got to them with a complaint. The experts of the company are always outstanding in their jobs. I hope I will not have to switch to any other company for Real Estate retouching services. Best of luck to you guys!
Kyla C. Petrillo

Cliento Photography

Real Estate photo retouching outsourcing is a hassle-some job. When I was searching for this service, I got to know a few service providers. I tested some of them, but they frustrated me with their service. Finally, I came to Right Clipping and became satisfied with them. Now I am a big fan of the company.


Truman S. Boothby

You did a great job, guys! I am fully satisfied with your service. I have never found such services before. Your edited photos are like the real ones. There is no flaw in the photos. Thank you very much! I will get back to you soon.
Louis S. Broome

As its name says, Right Clipping is the right choice for my Real Estate photo retouching. I have fallen in love with the service of the company. Hence, I have suggested that one of my friends about the company. He is also satisfied with their service. You can also give it a try. Highly recommended!
Beverley G. Bowers


1. What is Real Estate Photo Editing?

Real Estate photo editing is a kind of photo editing service designed for only those who are engaged in the industry. Making your photos industry-worthy is the main target of the service.

2.How does Right Clipping stand out for the service?

Right Clipping has some regular Real Estate clients taking the service over and over again. Considering their convenience, we have employed some Real Estate photo experts. As they are experienced and well-versed, they help us stand out from the competition.

3.Can I test your service before making a decision?

Yes, you can. And you do not have to pay even a single penny to test our service. We are glad to inform you that we offer a trial for this service like any other services provided by Right Clipping.

4. How can you provide your service at a reasonable rate?

We are not a seasonal real estate retouching company. We work round the year. For this, we have employed 40 excellent photo editors who are striving day and night to meet our clients’ expectations. As they do not idle away their time, we can provide our clients with affordable services.

5.How do you receive files?

Considering your convenience, we offer you the easiest way to send us files. To do this, you have to choose a category. Afterward, make your quote, and you will be redirected to our FTP server. Just upload the files there, and we will get them.

6. Do you offer the facility of revisions?

Yes, we do offer the facility of revisions if your photos require it. And for your kind information, we do not charge any extra money for this facility. You can take the privilege regardless of your project size as well.

7. What is your turnaround time for Real Estate image editing and retouching services?

It depends. You have to consult us about your project size and complexities. After that, we will be able to let you know how much time we need to complete the project.

8. Are you available round the clock?

Yes, we are available 24 hours a day and we work around the week as well. So, you can communicate with us whenever you feel comfortable.

9. What is the minimum project size that Right Clipping accepts?

We require no minimum project size. We are free to accept any kind of project regardless of size and complexities. Just feel free to get in touch with us.

10.Can I send you JPG files?

When we take an order for Real Estate Photo Editing & Retouching Services, we do not consider the file formats. You can send us your photos in any format. However, we do prefer to receive files in JPG format as it is small in size.

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