Shadow Creation Service


Shadow Creation Service

Being one of the top-notch photo editing companies, Right Clipping stands out in providing Shadow Creation service to its valuable clients. We have vast experience in this particular field of Photoshop editing. We even have a special team for this service. Out of our 40 excellent photo editors, some are using their expertise only for the service of Shadow Creation. As a consequence, we can provide our clients with the best service when it comes to creating shadows.

We know how important it is to have shadows for e-commerce products and so we strive to make you satisfied with our service. So, whenever we get an order for the service, we never compromise with quality. In fact, we want to make this service as a brand for the company. Hence, you have nothing to worry about the quality.

However, it is not a prudent decision to believe our words without any proof. We do have proofs indeed. But we recommend you to take your own proof by working with us. This will enable you to decide over your upcoming projects. So, give us a small project to have an idea of our service. For your kind information, we are available round the clock, so you can knock us any time.

Shadow Creation Service Category

Drop Shadow

Drop Shadow

Drop Shadow is a widely used service among e-commerce traders. This type of shadow is created below or behind the target products. When you create a drop shadow for your products, they look natural and professional. However, this is a cheap service, so you can take it without worrying about your money.

Reflection Shadow

Reflection Shadow
Reflection Shadow is often called a mirror effect. It is, however, used to turn an ugly photo into a beautiful one. Typically, the reflection is created at the bottom of your target product. Glass, medicine, and ceramic products require you to create reflection shadow. So, consider taking the service if you have photos of these products.

Natural Shadow

ESometimes the shadows of our product images get dull and hazy. It spoils the beauty of the images. Hence, we have to correct the shadows by giving them natural looks. And this category of service is aimed for this purpose. So, if you have product images that have dull shadows, use this service without a second thought.

Original Shadow

Original Shadow
If you do not want to create any artificial shadow for your product image, then this service is for you. We know that sometimes you want to keep the original shadow of your products. But you do not get original shadows perfectly due to lighting problems. If this is the case with you, then you are recommended to take the service.

Other Type of Shadows

This service is for those who think out of the box. That is to say, the traders who are creative in thought try to create something special. Traditional shadows may not quench their thirst. They want something creative as well as unique. If you are one of those people, then let us know about your concept. We will try our best to create shadows according to your demand.

Benefits of Image Shadow Creation

If you are confused about taking the service of photo shadow, you might not know the benefits of it. And to help you decide over the service, we have come up with some top-notch benefits of it. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s learn the top benefits of image shadow creation:

Increasing the Beauty

We all are prone to beauty, so we subconsciously seek beauty all around. It is no exception while searching for a product online. This is where e-commerce traders have to think about the beauty of their product images. They, however, can increase the beauty of their product images in different ways. Creating shadows is one of them. Shadow creation is, in fact, the most robust way to increase the beauty of your images.

Making Products Look Natural

Your products will lose their appeal if they do not look natural. So, you should always be careful while handling the task of editing your product images. Photoshop is a celestial invention for making photos both natural and exaggerated. However, you can enjoy the facility of the former feature with the help of shadow creation. When you create shadows for your product images, your customers get the chance to learn how the products will look in reality.

Increasing Conversion

Who does not want to increase conversions when it comes to selling products online? The unfortunate fact is that we neglect one of the most significant things while selling products, and that is product images. You should keep in mind that your potential customers decide over your products by checking the product images first. So, you should always pay your full attention to make them eye-catching. And shadow creation is a great way for this purpose.>

Professionals Requiring Photo Shadow Creation

The area of photo shadow creation is vast and so we find the use of it almost everywhere. But there are some industries where creating photo shadow is almost a must. For your convenience, we are going to let you know the fields in this section of the page. Let’s have a look!

E-commerce Traders

Shadow Making is widely used in the arena of e-commerce. Whenever you launch a product online, you have to think about the beauty of it. And when it comes to making a product beautiful, shadow making is indispensable. It helps you make your product look realistic and eye-catching as well. You know that if your product does not look natural and splendid, it will lose its appeal. That is why e-commerce traders all over the world tend to create shadows of their products before launching.

Professional Photographers

Shadow creating is not only useful for e-commerce traders, but it is also significant for professional photographers. If you are a photographer, you know well how often you have to get in touch with shadow creation in Photoshop. Sometimes you take recourse to this service for enhancing the beauty of a portrait, and sometimes you have to take it for the product images you have captured. Whatever your aim is, you cannot but getting in touch with this service over and over again.

Advertising Agencies

The significance of shadow making is so vast that it can be of great benefit for advertising agencies. You may be in tantalization about this matter. For your kind information, the main bullet of an advertising agency is an image. If the image is outstanding, it will be able to implement its target. Otherwise, failure is a must. And shadow making is a great release for them as this service enables them to get some beautiful and natural photos for the purpose of advertising.

Publishing Companies

Shadow making is also necessary for publishing companies across the world. It is, in fact, used by publishing companies for the purpose of creating splendid book covers. For your kind information, suspense and horror books need such a cover that has an impactful design. And creating shadows is the only solution for this. So, if you are a publisher, you should always think about the service. Without photo shadow creation, you will find it tough to convey your message through the cover of a particular book.

What Client Say About Us

Image shadow creation is a common need for me as I am an entrepreneur in the field of e-commerce. But I have neither the time nor expertise for the purpose. I rely on Right Clipping and the shadow creation experts of the company have been providing me with excellent services. They are industry-leading!

Right Clipping has a bunch of excellent shadow creation experts. Every time I get in touch with them, they provide me with the best service. So, I never have to worry about creating shadows for my photos. I assign this burden to them. You can also give them a try. I hope you will have a nice experience.

Cliento Photography

A highly recommended company! They know the art of shadow making. I have never faced any issue with their service. Their service is subtle and outstanding. Even their price is reasonable. That is why I recommend the company to my near and dear ones. They are also satisfied with Right Clipping.


Truman S. Boothby

I did not have the idea of creating shadows for my product images. Right Clipping suggested me to take this service when I approached them for photo background removal service. Ultimately, I took the service and got to know what I missed in the past. However, Right Clipping is the best photo editing company in my opinion.
Louis S. Broome

Being a photographer, I often need to create shadows for some of my captured photos. But I am too busy with my own job–capturing photos at different occasions. For this reason, I was searching for photo editing services for photographers and I got in touch with Right Clipping. Since then, I have never thought of other options. Highly recommended!
Beverley G. Bowers


1. What is shadow creation?

Shadow Creation is a Photoshop technique used for creating/correcting shadows of different products. It is a common editing task in the field of e-commerce. The fact is that creating or correcting shadows gives a product natural look, which is indispensable for getting sales.

2. Are shadow creation and mirror effect the same thing?

Yes, they are the same thing though they seem to be dissimilar. But the former is more common than the latter. Whatever the name is, the job is the same. That is to make shadows of different objects–often for product images.

3. Why should I choose Right Clipping for the service of shadow creation?

For your kind information, Right Clipping is a renowned company in the field. We stand out from the competition as we have an excellent team for only shadow making service. And the team knows what is behind the art.

4. How much do you charge for photo shadow making service?

Shadow making is one of the most cost-effective services out there. Hence, our charges are always reasonable for the service although the price depends on the quantity and complexities of your photos. To give you an idea, our shadow creation service starts at $0.80.

5. Can I send my files by email?

Yes, you can if you want. But we have a special page on our website for receiving files. In fact, we prefer to receive files through our page. It, however, is very easy to send files through the page. But you are free to choose any of the options.

6. Is it safe to send my files through your FTP?

We value your safety as well as privacy. Hence, we are determined to provide you with the most secure FTP out there. So, you have nothing to worry about the matter.

7. What is your turnaround time?

Our turnaround time depends on your project. If the project is large, then you will have to wait a bit longer. But we are proud to tell you that we are quicker than any other service provider in the field.

8. What are your working times?

We work 24 hours and 7 days a week. That is to say, we are always available for taking orders. We can ensure this facility for you as we have a large team of editing experts working in different shifts.

9. What if I am not satisfied with the edited photos?

If you are not satisfied with our edited photos, you can always let us know. We will re-edit them according to your expectations. In exchange, we will not charge any extra money.

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